How the Denver Broncos Can Upset the Green Bay Packers

Christopher Smith@MileHighMentorCorrespondent IIISeptember 30, 2011

How the Denver Broncos Can Upset the Green Bay Packers

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    The Denver Broncos Week 4 match-up with the Green Bay Packers has been picked early on as a mismatch.

    Green Bay has the greatest bragging rights in the NFL right now as the defending Super Bowl Champions.

    Denver has no bragging rights as the 26th team in most NFL Power Rankings.

    But as we see every year, the trap game is deadly and picks a different team every year to lay waste to.

    In Week 4 the Denver Broncos look to be the victors in what would go down easily as the biggest upset of the year.

    The Buffalo Bills over the New England Patriots? Yeah, we've already seen that.

    How about the Broncos sticking it to the Packers?

    Check out how the Denver Broncos can make the national headlines in 2011 with a win over the Green Bay Packers in Week 4.

The Return of the King

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    There's a reason Champ Bailey is the primary picture for this article.

    He's the king. The ruler of the defensive backfield. The champion of cover-corners.

    He's making his first appearance in weeks on Sunday in Lambeau to face the defending Super Bowl Champions.

    Champ Bailey will be paramount in Denver's attempt to avoid disgrace and leave with a sense of confidence this weekend—if not a win.

    When opposing quarterbacks face Champ Bailey, they face half of a field.

    If you have a receiver on Bailey's side, you might as well ignore him. He won't be catching more than two passes all day, and when he does he'll be promptly smacked in the mouth.

    Green Bay's receivers need to be hearing footsteps, and Bailey won't be the only one putting fear in their minds.

    Let's move on...

Rahim Moore Is the Next Big Thing in Denver's Secondary

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    Rookie defensive back Rahim Moore is the next big player for Denver's defensive backfield.

    He made it known early on in the preseason that he plans on hurting receivers.

    Although I would never cheer for an injury, I would certainly cheer for Moore "bringing the pain" against Buffalo Bills receiver Donald Jones and anybody else who crosses his path.

    Moore has to prove that he can take over the other side of the field this week and keep Aaron Rodgers at or below his 300 yard-per-game pace in 2011.

    It's safe to say that Rodgers won't have a terrible game on Sunday, but he can't have a great one either if Denver plans on bringing home a win.

    Look for Moore to match his preseason output and fall right into the steps of the Champ in 2011.

It's Not All Defense, Where's the Running Game?

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    I've said it week in and week out, the Denver Broncos need to establish their running game.

    They'll need to establish it immediately this week if they plan on having any control in this weeks game.

    In Week 2 they were able to keep their running game effective, and it turned out to be crucial in their first win of the season.

    They managed to do it without the threat of the their No. 1 receiving threat, and without their No. 1 running back.

    In the meantime, Willis McGahee has surpassed Knowshon Moreno as Denver's most effective rusher, and he needs to have a big part in Week 4.

    The pressure is just too much on Kyle Orton at this point in the season.

    Even if we ignore the media-frenzy regarding his back-up's back-up, Orton still has a tough year under his belt already.

    The fans are in his face, while the coaching staff is at his back. Orton needs a big game and a big game now if he plans to keep his job.

    The most important part for a less-than-stellar passer to having a great game is having a great rusher backing him up.

    McGahee needs to produce yards and eat up the clock on Sunday, and if he is able to do so, the Broncos offense will have an easier path to victory.

Kyle Orton Needs to Silence His Critics or Sit Down

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    We all know John Fox knows who his starter his.

    We all know that Tim Tebow is sitting on the bench.

    We all know that Brady Quinn is the next man up.

    What we don't know is if Kyle Orton will get his job done in 2011.

    This is his week to prove himself to everyone in the league that doubts his abilities.

    Against a team with national, rather world-wide recognition, Orton has his best chance of the season—and his career—to make a statement.

    The Broncos will look to their leader and team captain to control the pace of the game against Green Bay. Denver is aware that they're not the favorites this week, but does that really matter to them?

    Last week, after a difficult loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Broncos locker room was silent. The silence spoke loudly to spectators as a tough reaction to a dismal loss.

    The Broncos are competitors, like any other team, and never walk on the field expecting to lose.

    Orton will need to be the leader of the pack on Sunday and bring his team into Lambeau with enough energy to bring down the house.

    Trust me, Orton might not care about what the fans and Tebowmaniacs think, but he certainly cares—and relies on— the feelings of his team-mates.

    He's already won over his locker room, but he'll need to bring a certain energy to this week's game if he plans on keeping them on his side.

A Quick Return from Injury for Denver's Biggest Stars

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    We've already noted how important Bailey's return is to the Broncos.

    There happens to be plenty other Denver Broncos players that need a quick and efficient return in order to make a positive impact on their team's progress.

    Linebacker D.J. Williams will be making his season debut on Sunday alongside defensive tackle Marcus Thomas.

    In Week 3, three players returned from the injury list. Or did they?

    The headlines stated that Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno and Elvis Dumervil would all see game-time in Week 3. However, only Lloyd made it to the field.

    Dumervil ended up not even traveling with the team against the Titans, and Moreno sat on the sidelines as an emergency back-up.

    This week Dumervil, Moreno, Williams, Thomas, Lloyd and Champ Bailey should all take the field.

    Doesn't it feel great to fight a battle with all your troops?

    I've said it all year, the fans are yet to see an accurate depiction of the Denver Broncos. This week, with any luck, the best players for the Broncos will take the field and let everyone know exactly what they should expect from Denver in 2011.

Finally, the Prediction

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    This slide is simple.

    If Denver can do everything their game plan prescribes, how will they fare against the defending Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers?

    I know it's a long and intimidating title, but this is still football and anything can happen on any given Sunday.

    The Denver Broncos upset the Green Bay Packers in overtime by seven points.