Question To The NHL: Duration Of A Hockey Game 60, 40, 30, 20 Minutes?

Harani T.Correspondent INovember 29, 2008

It's being more and more apparent that many teams fall apart either giving up a big lead or just letting themselves be dominated, dejected. It's also called giving up.

My question is that what does it mean to give up? We have all witnessed the capabilities of our favorite teams over a long period of time. At least one or two nights, for sure, they have made us proud fans. So, once we have a bar raised high and see the potential in our team, it is certainly devastating to see them drop the ball. 

When you start thinking about it, it has actually become an issue. We mostly go around saying ''They didn't put much effort last night!'' but aren't they supposed to every night?

All these players play hockey as a job. They get paid to be on the ice and score, defend or goaltend.

However, opposite to us, these men only have to work 60 minutes a day, with day-long breaks, a big summer vacation along with a lot of travelling. On the other hand, they get to be on national TV, become stars, earn a lot of money and do something they love. 

When we, the people, think about work, would it be justified to stop working in mid-day because you're tired? Imagine doing that once in a while. Even though people shrug their shoulders and hold hope (not saying that it's wrong), how many times can we tolerate this? 

Come to think of it, we, the fans are the sole reason of existence of this sport and the franchise. It's like we supervise from the heights of the arena, to make sure our workers are doing fine.

I found it important to write this article now because the NHL has changed. The teams have no excuse saying they have no talent. Every team in the NHL has different characters, different people with different abilities who got where they are by trying.

It is equally essential to realize that if there is a winner, there will be a loser. There is a way to lose. Losing because someone had to go on a toilet-break or another had a headache is just dejecting. We as the fans accept the loss! 

Seriously speaking, hockey is a job for all these guys. Like any other post, it involves money but you need to work for it.

Currently in the league, many talented and capable teams are failing to do well because of the lack of effort of many of the teammates. They can't say it is impossible because we have all been there to see them do it earlier. It's a no escape situation. The only way they can get out of there is by working harder.

They wanted to be hockey players. Let us see them do it! 

What's your take on this topic? Too much money so no need to work? Think about it!