Plaxico Burress: When Will It End?

Danny BurnhamCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

Plaxico Burress was hospitalized late Friday night after an apparently accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Anyone care to guess where Plax' was at the time of the incident? He was at a place called 'The Latin Quarter', an establishment in Manhattan: That's right folks, a night club.

Now it's anyone's guess as to how Burress' gun went off, or why he was carrying it. For that matter it's anyone's guess as to why NFL players still visit night clubs. The bottom line here is the same that it's always been. NFL players and night clubs equals trouble.

How many times have we seen it in the headlines, "Pro athlete (insert athlete's name) was arrested following an incident in a night club"? What's it going to take for these guys to realize, "Hey, it CAN happen to me"?

As far as Burress is concerned, this is not his first appearance in the headlines this season, it's not even his first time in a negative light. He has been fined three times for various idiocy. Violating team rules, abusing an official, and refusing to practice at mini-camp are on all the list, but this time he as really shot himself in the foot. Pardon the pun.

Burress was already ruled out of this week's match-up with the Redskins because of a hamstring injury, but has since been ruled out indefinitely after being shot.  

2008 hasn't been the most productive season of his career. He snagged 10 balls for 133 yards in the Giants season opener, and had five grabs for 81 yards and a score the next week against St. Louis. Since then, has hasn't managed more than four catches in a game.

He certainly won't be doing his team any favors now.

ESPN The Magazine recently published an article about how professional athletes feel the need to defend themselves. There's probably something to be said for that, as it's entirely possible that these guys get tested on a regular basis. People probably approach these guys thinking, "Pro athlete huh? I bet he ain't so tough". Many times however, these guys put themselves in that position by hanging out in places like night clubs.

Maybe one of these days, professional athletes will learn. Maybe it will take league commissioners or team general managers outlawing night club visits. Either way, as long as it's occurring, there will be headlines, and they won't be good.