Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IINovember 29, 2008

The bullpen, a headache for everybody in the world.  You can't blame just the bullpen for the collapse in '07 and '08 but it was the bulk of the collapse. 

This bullpen is a mess, Omar should just send everyone in the bullpen packing except for a select few in Joe Smith (great stuff, great potential) Brian Stokes (not too bad of a year and a great long man) Pedro Feliciano (I strongly believe he will rebound and get back into his dominant form) Bobby Parnell and Eddie kunz are the last few that we should keep, they have loads of potential. 

That is five people that the Mets should keep.  I believe Omar should send down Kunz and Parnell for the beginning of the season and maybe bring them in after the All-Star break. 

The first person the Mets should get rid of is Aaron Heilman.  He has to go, a few teams still think he can be a starter so he still has some value (thank god) if he didn't we should just drop him off in the middle of nowhere.  The Rockies acquired Huston Street in the trade sent superstar Matt Holliday to Oakland. 

I think Street has amazing stuff and he is just what Omar wants a closer who is willing to be a setup man.  We should trade Heilman with a B- or C+ prospect for Street.  That would be a great trade and i think it is possible and the Rockies might accept it. We got the set up man down and if our closer is doing bad we can always put Street in closer, its great.  Win win situation.

For the middle relief we would have Smith and Feliciano, and we should sign Joe Beimel and I think its time to bring back Darren Oliver.  I love that guy and he will bring back the swagga we had in '06.  sign him to a two year deal and BAM! Middle relief fixed.

For long relief we can look inside the organization.  We already have Stokes to be a long man and he is great, I think he's really good.  For our second long man we can put Jon Niese in there, I loved that kid since the first time I saw him in spring training.  Those will be our long men.  They can get the job done.

For the grand finale THE CLOSER.  I am on the idea of getting a closer from the free agent market.  i really don't think we should trade our prospects for a guy like Putz.  We should only trade our prospects when we need to, we have two perfectly good closers in the free agent market. 

Those two closers are Francisco Rodriguez and Brian Fuentes.  Even though they are asking for a lot we can afford it.  We have i believe the third highest payroll on the MLB behind the BoSox and the Yanks.  This is where it gets hard, WE DON'T KNOW WHICH OF THOSE TWO TO GET!  This is where the major headaches come in, they both have their strengths and weaknesses. 

I'm on the borderline and each and every day I move a little bit to the Fuentes side or the K-Rod side.  If you read my first Mets offseason blog, you saw that I think the Mets should get Fuentes but he lost his job as closer a couple times to Manny Corpas and we need a guy who can be strong and consistent for the whole year.

Therefore I think they should sign K-Rod even though he's asking for a pretty big lot of money for a closer, I think the Mets will spook him into lowering the money and years by not paying so much attention to him. 

If the Mets can do that and make the price drop and the amount of years drop a little bit because his velocity has been rapidly decreasing we should sign him to a great deal for two three years for a lot but not the mega millions that he originally wanted. 

That's that.  I got that headache away for now until i hear the next rumor about this situation.  Until next time SEE YA!