Giants' Burres Shoots Himself, Team In Foot

Jeffrey MannCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

He has missed team meetings, incurring fines from his team. Missed practices, leading to more fines and suspensions. He has held out for new contracts, only to get injured in his return. Plaxico Burress has had his share of missteps in his NFL career, especially during his tenure with the Giants.

He has clearly shown that he only cares about himself and not his team. Somehow he has managed to escape the "team cancer" label.

Now he has really messed up.

In a report published by, Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg while out at a New York City nightclub.

I'm just going to leave that statement be.

After it finally sinks in that a player making roughly $10 million a year has managed to shoot himself in the leg, Plaxico's irresponsibility has reached new levels.

At this point the Giants are winning in spite of Plaxico's behavior. The fact that this team has not self-destructed is a tribute to Tom Coughlin. He has dealt with Burress, keeping his teammates' opinions out of the public eye.

That may not be possible now.

And neither T.O. or Randy Moss have ever done anything of this magnitude.

So Plaxico, you are now the No. 1 dysfunctional wide receiver.