WWE: Linking Superstars To Historical Figures Part 3

Deron ButlerContributor IISeptember 29, 2011

WWE: Linking Superstars To Historical Figures Part 3

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    Hello, once again, Deron Butler here again with the third installment in the WWE: Linking Superstars to Historical Figures series. I've read a lot of your comments from part two, and I am ready to deliver the goods that is part three. Sit back and enjoy reading (and debating) about your favorite WWE Superstars being compared to historical figures. 

Sheamus: Vercingetorix

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    Sheamus is a Celtic warrior who proudly lives up to his heritage and the nature of those Celtic warriors before him. One of the most notable ones is Vercingetorix.

    Vercingetorix battled against the Roman Empire, leading the Celts to defend Gaul (Modern day France) to defeat Julius Caesar. Sheamus battled against any WWE Superstar willing enough to challenge him to win the big prize.

    While Vercingetorix was the chieftain of the Arverni tribe, Sheamus could proudly say that he was king of the WWE after winning the King of the Ring tournament back in 2010. And much like how Vercingetorix surrendered to Julius Caesar, at WrestleMania 26, Sheamus battled Triple H and ultimately was defeated. No matter what the circumstance, Sheamus will always be a Celtic warrior and have an unyielding spirit similar to that of Vercingetorix. 

Big Show: Genghis Khan

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    Throughout history, there has been no one that can instill fear into the hearts and minds of people better than Genghis Khan. Just the mere thought of Genghis Khan brings up thoughts of domination and intimidation. That same perception can be also said about the Big Show.

    The Big Show is the World's Largest Athlete with a severe knockout punch that will easily send you to sleep. Genghis Khan had an army that will slay you on horseback and pepper you with arrows shot from bows. The Big Show is perhaps the only WWE Superstar to have ever held the WCW, WWE and ECW World Heavyweight Titles, while Genghis Khan can boast that he had the largest empire in the known world for his time. 

R-Truth: Shaka Zulu

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    OK, you may be wondering to yourselves why I am comparing R-Truth to Shaka Zulu, but you'll find out what these two have in common.

    Shaka Zulu was perhaps the most controversial Zulu chieftain for his innovative warfare tactics. R-Truth's claim to controversy would be the fact that all the "Little Jimmies" would expose the conspiracies surrounding WWE.

    While Shaka Zulu united all of the Zulu tribes under him, R-Truth teamed up with The Miz and became a union known as The Awesome Truth to further end the conspiracy that surrounds the WWE. While Shaka Zulu's methods were innovative, revolutionary and unspoken of, R-Truth's methods should be similar to Shaka's and eventually have his own faction to put an end to the ongoing conspiracy in the WWE...and yes, even the "Little Jimmies."

Justin Gabriel: Icarus

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    Before you say anything about the this comparison, let me just say this: I know that Icarus is a Greek myth, but sometimes, mythology works its into history and even finds itself as the inspiration for later historical figures.

    With that said, I shall compare Justin Gabriel to Icarus. We all know of the story regarding Icarus and how he and his father, Daedalus, flew away to escape from a tower. We also know that Justin Gabriel is one of the premiere high flyers in the WWE.

    Icarus himself flew too high to the sun, and as a result, he fell into the ocean as his wings melted off. Gabriel, on the other hand, can soar to newer heights, either through battling the top stars in WWE or hope there is a cruiserweight division waiting for him to fly into.

    It should be also noted that whenever Gabriel hits the 450 Splash and hold his ribs, it's kinda like how Icarus would've landed.  The comparison of Gabriel to Icarus may be the most interesting because, when your last name is Gabriel (as in the archangel Gabriel), chances are you're gong to compared to someone who has wings throughout history (or mythology).

    With that said, if Icarus were a WWE Superstar, he'd be Justin Gabriel. 

Jinder Mahal: Aurangzeb

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    For this next slide, I know some of you reading this know who Jinder Mahal is. But most of you don't know who Aurangzeb is, either. I would suggest doing a Google search on both guys just to be safe. And while you're doing that, allow me to explain the comparison of Mahal to Aurangzeb.

    Mahal comes from a lavish upbringing in Punjab, India, and lived like an emperor. Aurangzeb, much like Mahal, also came from a lavish upbringing and later become Mughal Emperor.

    Mahal comes off as a cruel jerk, manipulating and controlling whomever he feels like. Aurangzeb was a harsh ruler, having imprisoned his father, Shah Jahan (who built the Taj Mahal), as well as his brothers and became a rather imposing and aggressive ruler.

    Mahal, to some, may be India's version of Alberto Del Rio sans the ring announcer, nice cars and an entrance that would make "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase blush.

    Aurangzeb was India's version of Ivan The Terrible. While under Aurangzeb's reign, the Mughal Empire reached its peak, whereas Mahal would be looking for a decent title reign, namely an Intercontinental Championship reign. 

Edge: Charlemagne

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    Ah, Edge. The Rated R Superstar who captivated millions with his controversy, live sex celebrations and his Cutting Edge segments are things that make a legend, if he isn't already a legend. Then there's Charlemagne, the charismatic, jovial king of the Franks.

    What do these two individuals have in common? To some, not much, but in this slide, we'll discover them. Charlemagne conquered the Saxons and other kingdoms within the Pyrennes area (Spain and France) thanks to Roland. Edge conquered his opponents through opportunity,  which led to several WWE and World Heavyweight Championships.

    Charlemagne ruled over Germany and France, while Edge ruled over Smackdown and RAW. In 800 AD, Charlemagne went to Rome for Christmas Mass and was given the offer to become emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, an offer he said no to, but reluctantly became emperor anyways. If such an offer came Edge's way, there would be no doubt that he would've said yes and ruled over the empire, turning it into a Rated R wonderland.

    Both Edge and Charlemagne are about the same height and definitely are built and active, although Edge is under a legends contract and may possibly not wrestle anymore, but that's not going to stop him from entertaining us.  

Cody Rhodes: Cesare Borgia

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    Some people would say that during the time when Cody Rhodes was in legacy, he would not be a standout and that Ted DiBiase Jr. would be a main eventer. My, how times as changed since then. And you're wondering why I am comparing Rhodes to Cesare Borgia.

    First off, Rhodes is being groomed to be a main eventer in the future and eventually become World Heavyweight Champion. Borgia was groomed for a career in church, but was destined for much more.

    Ever since he was "disfigured," Cody saw the world as being "ugly."  From the moment Borgia came into power, he wanted to remove all of his enemies, including his own brother, Giovanni Juan Borgia, for control of the military.

    In years to come, Rhodes may just be a World champion, even if he has to go through extremes to do so, much like how Cesare Borgia wanted power but eventually had to rely on others to help him get there.  

Kane: Rasputin

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    Kane is a highly revered individual from the moment the fire explodes to the moment he hits the ring destroys his opponents. At one point when he debuted, Kane was unstoppable and couldn't be defeated, much like how the mystic monk Rasputin was.

    Although Kane comes from Hell, Fire and Brimstone, Rasputin was a Russian Orthodox Monk, but unlike most monks, Rasputin is said to have supernatural powers. It is those same supernatural powers that has built around the mythology of Kane as well as his "brother," The Undertaker, as being undead entities that are impossible to stop. Now that Kane is getting older and probably on his last run in WWE, it kinda feels like Kane is deteriorating like how Rasputin was deteriorating, although historically, Rasputin was a holy man and healer. No matter the case, Kane could probably use some healing to get back in the ring and exact vengeance.  

Beth Phoenix: Boadicea

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    We all know Beth Phoenix is The Glamazon and she is so powerful that she can practically wrestle the men if allowed. Then there's Boadicea, a warrior queen from the British Isles who led her tribe in an uprising against the Roman Empire.

    Both Phoenix and Boadicea are great warriors in their own right, but Boadicea's rebellion of the Roman Empire invokes that of Beth Phoenix's rebellion on the "Barbie Doll Divas" that happen to be on WWE Programming and wanting to get rid of them.

    It's not the WWE's fault that they're looking for the next Trish Stratus or Lita, but they may find some newfound success in Phoenix and a revival in the Divas Division, making the division to be rather taken seriously, much like how the Romans should've taken Boadicea seriously when she began her uprising on the Romans. 

Zack Ryder: Napoleon Bonaparte

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    Finally, I leave you all with the comparison of Napoleon Bonaparte to the Long Island Iced Z himself, Zack Ryder. Napoleon set out to conquer the world, which is practically plain and simple. Ryder set out to lead a revolution of his own: the Long Island Revolution.

    Napoleon had the Grand Armee, while Ryder has his Broskis. Napoleon had the charisma and personality and charm that would have anyone on his side; that can be also said for Ryder every time he's on WWE Programming or his highly watched Internet show, The Z! True Long Island Story.

    Napoleon may be short (5'7"), but he is a huge figure in French history, much like how Ryder will be a huge figure once he's World Champion while still being Internet Champion.

    Stay tuned for part four of my series. WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT!