Five New Rules For Thanksgiving Day Football

Jeffrey MannCorrespondent INovember 29, 2008

After a fairly atrocious day in football on Thanksgiving, things have to change. Two predictable blowouts and an mediocre game on the NFL Network that nobody could watch.

In light of this awful day of football, I've set out some new rules for the one day of the year that the most Americans watch football.


1. No More Detroit Lions!!!!...Until this franchise turns themselves around, they are not worth watching any day of the year, especially not on national prime-time.


2. The Cowboys can stay but...Only if they are playing the Redskins or Giants. All of America is watching, why not show them a good game instead of one against the weak Seahawks which was over by halftime.


3. On that note, make it Rivalry Week...Turn Thanksgiving Day and weekend into rivalry week. Games like Patriots-Colts, Giants-Eagles, and Steelers-Browns are sure to keep the whole family interested.


4. Start the games earlier...If a 1 PM start on the East Coast is 10 AM on the West Coast, they can afford to start a game at 11 AM EST. For those of us on the eastern seaboard, watching all three games forces you to stay up well into the night, not an easy feat after consuming copious amounts of turkey and stuffing.


5. For one day, make the NFL Network game viewable by all. It's the one day of the year where almost every household is watching football, so why not let them watch the night game?

The NFL would make a killing on the ad revenue, and could have the networks bid on who gets to show their broadcast. Everyone gets to watch the game, the NFL makes money, it's a win-win.