Daily Haze: Use Twitter for Fantasy Football Success

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Daily Haze: Use Twitter for Fantasy Football Success

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Twitter was made for fantasy football owners.

Before I bought my first iPhone, I struggled with trying to figure out how to use Twitter as both a fantasy owner and fantasy blogger. The website, while I find it useful now, seemed cumbersome and overwhelming. Plus I did not have access to it when on the go. But then I started using Twitter more on my phone and found it to be highly useful and easy to use.

Now, I am a Twitter junkie.

The best part about using Twitter from a fantasy football perspective is the instant analysis and news updates. Sometimes you get a little over-loaded with breaking news, but if you follow the right people on Twitter the instant, quick analysis is hard to find anywhere else.

This summer I wrote about the people on Twitter every fantasy owner needs to follow. While I probably will not update this again until next summer, I stand by all of the members on this list. Solid stuff, some bright fantasy football experts in that list.

Fantasy owners need news quickly and accurately. For breaking news, injury updates and fantasy analysis that comes to you lightning fast and is succinct, there is no better place than Twitter. Use it to your advantage.

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Here are today’s great reads:

  • Pittsburgh’s defense is not what it used to be. I started Joseph Addai in a pinch last weekend and came out with 14+ points. Pleasantly surprised. So Arian Foster owners should not worry about the matchup with the Steelers this weekend. Hopefully, it will be his breakout party. [Roto Arcade]
  • I do have one 0-3 start to the 2011 fantasy football season (2-1 in my other two leagues). It is a terrible feeling. Sometimes it is just bad luck (I had a bad beat to start the year), and sometimes your team is just really that bad. Hopefully none of your 0-3 teams are terrible! [Fantasy Knuckleheads]
  • Looking for some buy low trade targets in fantasy leagues? Now is a good time to start exploring those trade options. Fantasy owners off to bad starts are going to feel a little desperate each and every week starting now. Get at them early so you can get the players you want. [RazzBall]
  • A good breakdown of Week 3 targets. Always a good idea to study this data when making decisions at the receiving positions. I know it is hindsight, but trends do begin to develop. [RotoProfessor]

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