How the Mets Can Cure Their Ails in 2009

Nick Carlo@@carlo2612Analyst IINovember 29, 2008

Hey, it's me, Lezgomets9. This is my first MLBlog ever. It's pretty cool. Anyway, today's blog is going to be about what I think the Mets should do this offseason.

As everybody knows, the Mets' biggest need this offseason is pitching, specifically the bullpen. I heard that if all the Mets games ended in the sixth inning, the Mets wouldv'e won around 36 more games. Chew on that.

I believe that to fix our closer situation we should sign Brian Fuentes. He was successful 30 out of 34 times in the 2008 season. Thirty saves in 34 opportunities is pretty good.

I hear K-Rod's name a lot; I think that Francisco Rodriguez is a great player, but he is asking for way too much. He broke the single-season saves record, as we all know, but not a lot of people get 69 save opportunities. K-Rod set the record with 62 saves and blew seven saves.

I think Fuentes is the better choice because he is a lot cheaper and has only a little less skill than K-Rod, or maybe even the same skill. That's my biggest concern of the offseason the closer.

As for the rest of the bullpen, I believe we should lose everybody except for a select few in Joe Smith, Pedro Feliciano, Brian Stokes, and Luis Ayala. The bullpen just needs a total makeover, and I leave that to GM Omar's too much of a headache for me. I'll discuss that in another blog; I can write a novel about the bullpen moves. 

Another big move for the Mets is to get another starting pitcher because we are not bringing back Pedro. I know Pedro was injured a lot and we didn't have big big big problems, but problems like bringing guys like Brandon Knight in to start and take his spot...we just can't afford that constantly.

We should sign Derek Lowe to a two-year deal and that should develop Jon Niese, who should either earn a longman job in the bullpen or be sent down to Triple-A, where he can develop his skills. I believe that Niese will play a big role with the Mets in the future; I've loved this guy since the first time I saw him in spring training. 

The Mets lineup and bench, to me, isn't nearly as big a deal to me as the pitching, but I believe we need a spark plug. Last year when the Mets were down by multiple runs, they just looked lifeless.

I think Orlando Hudson is a good second baseman for the Mets; he is a good fielder and a good batter. The only problem about that move is getting rid of Castillo. Dealing him is almost as hard as dealing a player with no left arm. If they can find a way of dealing him that will be great. 

The person I want for Castillo is Royals right fielder Jose Guillen. It will be tough, but they might be able to pull it off. If they get Guillen they can stick him in left field and our outfield problem will be pretty much solved.

The biggest bench move for the Mets I believe is bringing back Cliff Floyd. If we bring him in, he is a great leader in the clubhouse and will give the Mets the swagger they had in 2006. The only problem is that he wants to DH, but I think he will be willing to be on the bench for the Mets. We can put him in to bat and then put Endy Chavez in for defense, it's perfect. This is what I believe the 2009 Mets starting rotation should look like:

1. Johan Santana LHP
2. Mike Pelfrey RHP
3. Oliver Perez LHP
4. John Maine RHP
5. Derek Lowe RHP

I love that rotation because it rotates from left to right, except for Maine and Lowe at Nos. 4 and 5, but there has to be one righty-righty or lefty-lefty with five starters (odd number, if you didn't know).

I just think that rotation is very good and the Mets really should bring Perez back because he showed signs of being consistent in 2008. He has some really good stuff and I would love to have back in a Mets uniform. The Mets starting lineup, I believe, should look like this:

1. Jose Reyes SS S
2. Orlando Hudson 2B S
3. Carlos Beltran CF S
4. Carlos Delgado 1B L
5. David Wright 3B R
6. Jose Guillen LF R
7. Ryan Church RF L
8. Brian Schneider C L
9. Johan Santana SP L

I love that lineup because it will give managers a headache with the first three batters of the lineup being switch hitters and the longest same batting side is three lefties with Church, Schneider, and Santana, but that will only be with Santana and Perez and when relievers are in and the manager is finding matchups the Mets have on their bench.

So that's all for my first MLBlog I might not have done great with it, but please write comments to let me know how I did, what moves you think the Mets should make, and if you don't like the Mets (I don't know how you couldn't), then write the moves your favorite team should make.

One more thing: LEZGOMETS!!! PEACE.