Jone Samuelsen Scores Amazing 60-Yard Header Goal

Maxx GCorrespondent IISeptember 29, 2011

Not many people have ever heard of Norwegian soccer player Jone Samuelsen, but recently he has flooded the internet after scoring a wonder header in a group league match.

For the record, Samuelsen is a Norwegian midfielder who currently plays for Odd Grenland. He is known in the Tippeligaen, or Norwegian Premier League, for his creativity, ball control and stamina. He was bought by the club for a meager sum of money, mostly paid by Odd Grenland fan club Oddrane.

But who knew at that time that Samuelsen would make headlines across the world with something like this?

Prior to the goal, Odd Grenland were leading the match 2-1 over Tromso, and in the dying minutes, Tromso's goalie was halfway down the field to support his team's attacks.

But the header came suddenly.

A loose ball in the air was headed towards goal by Samuelsen and was measured at around 60 yards in distance. The management from Odd Grenland reported it to be exactly 57.3 meters.

Samuelsen told the NTB news agency, “I could say that I was trying to score, but that would not be true. It was a punt, in fact, and I didn’t see that the ball was going into the goal or that the Tromso goalkeeper was not there.” 

Samuelsen's intentions aside, this is now said to be the longest ever distance covered by a headed goal.