NBA 2K12 Player Ratings: What To Expect From This Year's Rankings

Ethan NorofCorrespondent IOctober 4, 2011

NBA 2K12 Player Ratings: What To Expect From This Year's Rankings

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    The NBA 2K12 player ratings were leaked this week, and it caused quite an uproar among fans.

    While some felt that their favorite players were rated too low (Marc Gasol is a 73), others felt that some graded out in a far too generous manner (Gilbert Arenas is a 77).

    With the news that historic teams will be included in the game, it's time to speculate on how some of the greatest ever will look on the digital hardwood.

    Note: All historical teams were retrieved from, and teams with the same core of players have not been repeated in the slideshow.

1964-65 Boston Celtics

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    John Havlicek, (92) Bill Russell (99), Tom Heinsohn (85)

    This team is one that is going to flat out dominate.

    Havlicek and Russell paced the Celtics, but Heinsohn's contributions shouldn't be overlooked.

    With the impressive combination of size and scoring touch around the rim, it's going to be tough for any opposition to assert a post game down around the rim.

1964-65 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Jerry West (90), Elgin Baylor (94), Dick Barnett (83)

    This team might not be as loaded as the Celtics squad from the same campaign, but there's no doubting the electricity that they brought the court.

    Baylor and West could make life on the court a living nightmare for most of the opposition, and that's likely what's going to happen when players use them in this year's release.

1970-71 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Jerry West (99), Wilt Chamberlain (98), Happy Hairston (91)

    West and Chamberlain is just about as potent of a combination as one could get in a video game.

    But when you add the contributions of Happy Hairston to the mix, it's really just not fair.

    This will be the legendary squad that I go with upon first chance.

1970-71 Milwaukee Bucks

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    Oscar Robertson (99), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (98), Bob Dandridge (89)

    It's amazing how much talent the league has seen, and this Bucks team is a testament to exactly that.

    With the walking triple-double and the sky hook on the same roster, there aren't a lot of squads that could realistically challenge this one in this video game.

1970-71 Atlanta Hawks

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    Lou Hudson (92), Pete Maravich (93), Mahdi Abdul-Rahman (Walt Hazzard) (85)

    Maravich gets most of the credit for the Hawks success, but it's important not to overlook what Hudson and Hazzard were able to do as well.

    The Atlanta crew might not be a popular selection at first sight, but I'd be inclined to give it a whirl with this group and see just how far they can go.

1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Jerry West (99), Wilt Chamberlain (99), Gail Goodrich (86)

    Similar to the Lakers squad that came before it, this group substitutes Goodrich for Hairston in its "Big Three," but that's still quite an impressive amount of talent.

    A squad that's fortunate enough to have both West and Chamberlain it's one that's really going to dominate no matter which team lines up as the opponent.

1971-72 New York Knicks

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    Walt Frazier (93), Jerry Lucas (90), Dave DeBusschere (86)

    Defense often gets overlooked when it comes to video game play, but DeBusschere's lock down style is one that's undoubtedly going to benefit the user.

    Any opportunity one receives to play with Frazier should be welcomed with open arms, and the combination of skills on this team leaves it as one of the most dangerous (and underrated) among the legendary groups.

1976-77 Philadelphia 76ers

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    Julius Erving (88), George McGinnis (86), Doug Collins (82)

    Right before Erving was entrenched in his prime, he was still extraordinarily talented and boasted elite athleticism.

    When a user can compliment his skills with the two players that join him on this list, it creates even more scoring opportunities for one of the best to play with on a digital platform.

1984-85 Philadelphia 76ers

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    Mo Cheeks (83), Julius Erving (90), Moses Malone (96)

    Erving was impressive enough with the previous core, but when Malone gets added into the fold, it's really not even fair for someone trying to go up against them.

    Cheeks provides for a great point guard to facilitate the flow while Malone and Erving go about their usual business in typical dominant fashion.

1984-85 Milwaukee Bucks

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    Terry Cummings (87), Sidney Moncrief (84), Paul Pressey (82)

    There isn't a standout star in this group in terms of the speculated ratings, but that isn't always necessary, as we saw with the Dallas Mavericks in 2011.

    Moncrief was one of the most well-liked Bucks to ever put on the uniform, and Cummings' contributions to the team during his time in town have been overlooked.

1985-86 Boston Celtics

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    Larry Bird (99), Kevin McHale (89), Robert Parish (87)

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if this team is near impossible to conquer.

    There is a ridiculous amount of talent harbored in the roster, and it will be incredibly fun to play with them on a consistent basis.

    This group will give younger players a chance to get familiar with one of the most talented teams to ever take court in the NBA.

1985-86 Chicago Bulls

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    Michael Jordan (94), George Gervin (86), Orlando Woolridge (84)

    Jordan was on his way to something special before getting injured during his second season in the league, and his talent was obvious from the onset.

    This Bulls roster might not be filled with the familiar names that most remember attached to Jordan, but Gervin and Woolridge were money long before Scottie Pippen strolled into the picture.

1986-87 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Magic Johnson (98), James Worthy (88), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (99)

    There have been some impressive teams on this list so far, but this one might be the juiciest of them all.

    A player that can do it all in Johnson paired worth Abdul-Jabbar's dominance in the middle, all topped off with the excellence of James Worthy?

    Yes, please.

1988-89 Detroit Pistons

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    Adrian Dantley (85), Isiah Thomas (88), Joe Dumars (84)

    Like the Milwaukee squad that came prior, the elite ratings in this group aren't exactly expected to be through the roof.

    Having said that, Thomas and Dumars were an unbelievably productive combination, and Dantley's scoring touch definitely provides for a solid boost on the perimeter.

1988-89 Chicago Bulls

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    Michael Jordan (99), Scottie Pippen (89), Horace Grant (81)

    Unbelievable one-two punch.

    That's really the only way to describe a game where the user can use both Jordan and Pippen to dominate over the opponent.

    Good luck to anyone going up against this group.

1989-90 Cleveland Cavaliers

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    Mark Price (90), Craig Ehlo (79), Larry Nance (84)

    Price is one of the more under-appreciated players among modern fans of the game, but there's no doubting his unbelievable touch on the hardwood.

    An elite shooter, Price could catch fire in a hurry if the right user knows how to use his game in the proper manner.

1990-91 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Magic Johnson (99), Byron Scott (83), James Worthy (93)

    It might not have been the showtime Lakers, but there was still plenty to watch with this group every time they took to the court.

    Johnson's magic ways with the basketball earned him his nickname, while Scott is one member of the Lakers that doesn't get talked about nearly enough given his dedication to the club.

1990-91 Golden State Warriors

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    Tim Hardaway (95), Mitch Richmond (90), Chris Mullin (90)

    If you're a player that likes to bomb it out from downtown, look no further than this squad.

    Richmond and Mullin will have no trouble taking (and making) jumpers from all over the floor, while Hardaway has the potential to be flat out dominant in a video game if he gets on a roll.

1992-93 New Orleans Hornets

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    Alonzo Mourning (92), Larry Johnson (91), Kendall Gill (84)

    Most are quick to forget about the glory days of Mourning and Grandmama together in Charlotte, but that team was a ton of fun to watch.

    Just imagine how much fun it will be to play with a group that constantly left it all out on the hardwood no matter what team they were lined up against.

1993-94 Houston Rockets

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    Hakeem Olajuwon (99), Otis Thorpe (84), Vernon Maxwell (82)

    Olajuwon is dominant enough on his own, but with the support of Thorpe and Maxwell, the Rockets are going to be a tough team to take down.

    This is going to be a squad that has a legitimate inside presence, and for most video games, players are going to have a tough time controlling the low block against this group.

1993-94 Denver Nuggets

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    Dikembe Mutombo (94), Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (83), Reggie Williams (77)

    Mutombo was rocking to the tune of 4.1 blocks per game when he suited up the Nuggets, and that type of defense shouldn't be sniffed at when talking about his effectiveness in this version.

    There may be other teams that are more fun to play with from an offensive standpoint than this one, but how could anyone pass up the chance to serve and destroy the opposition with Mutombo on the front line?

1994-95 New York Knicks

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    Patrick Ewing (99), John Starks (81), Charles Oakley (84)

    This is a squad that most Knicks fans still long for, as these three guys really embodied a sense of what it meant to take pride in their game.

    There's no doubt that this grouping is going to evoke some seriously nostalgic moments for some players, and they should be a ton of fun to play with no matter the opponent.

1994-95 Orlando Magic

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    Penny Hardaway (90), Shaquille O’Neal (96), Dennis Scott (84)

    For all of the Penny Hardaway fans in the building, this is the team for you.

    The Orlando team with both Hardaway and O'Neal is one of my favorite squads to ever come about in the league, and I'm chomping at the bit to get my first opportunity to suit up with this squad.

1995-96 Chicago Bulls

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    Michael Jordan (99), Scottie Pippen (97), Dennis Rodman (92)

    I'm not convinced there's a team that could beat this one if the right player is at the controls.

    With Jordan's incredible talent and Pippen serving in a supporting role, the only thing that was missing from the previous core was an elite rebounding machine. Enter Dennis Rodman.

1995-96 Seattle SuperSonics

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    Gary Payton (94), Shawn Kemp (94), Detlef Schrempf (87)

    What more can NBA fans ask for than the ability to play with one of the more classically composed rosters in recent memory?

    Payton and Kemp did magic together on the court, and Schrempf is an underrated contributor to the overall attack.

1997-98 Utah Jazz

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    John Stockton (96), Karl Malone (99), Jeff Hornacek (85)

    Stockton and Malone? There aren't a lot of combinations that were more classic.

    These two were attached at the hip, and Hornacek was an incredible addition to an already prolific twosome when he arrived from Philadelphia.

    Pick and roll all day here.

1997-98 Los Angeles Lakers

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    Kobe Bryant (91), Shaquille O’Neal (97), Eddie Jones (87)

    This team might get overlooked by some players who hold a vendetta toward one player or the other, but it's simply too good to pass up.

    Bryant and O'Neal will put any duo to the test, and not many are going to come out ahead of them in this game.

1997-98 San Antonio Spurs

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    Tim Duncan (97), David Robinson (96), Sean Elliott (83)

    The Twin Towers were no joke for the opposition when the two were going strong, and that type of size and skill is going to be downright dominant in a video game.

    If you're a player that has a tough time scoring on the low block, this team isn't for you.

    However, if you're a player that makes your living in the post, this represents the jackpot.

2001-02 Sacramento Kings

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    Chris Webber (96), Peja Stojakovic (89), Mike Bibby (82)

    I hope most remember just how talented this group was when they took to the court.

    Webber and Stojakovic provided an excellent offensive duo for Sacramento, and this Kings team could be one that flies largely under the radar for most users.

    Don't let it happen to you—this isn't a group to sleep on.