SF Giants Free Agent Options: 5 Moves to Convince Beltran to Stay

Nicholas BedoCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2011

SF Giants Free Agent Options: 5 Moves to Convince Beltran to Stay

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    The 2010-2011 regular MLB season has now come to an end and the San Fransisco Giants are finding themselves sitting home and watching the MLB playoffs from their couches.

    The Giants made a huge trade midseason in which they gave up top prospect, Zack Wheeler, to acquire Mets slugger Carlos Beltran. Now, Beltran is a free agent and the Giants are in need of signing other big bats around him in order for him to remain in San Fransisco.

5. Grady Sizemore

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    Grady Sizemore may or may not be a free agent this offseason. It will all depend on whether or not the Cleveland Indians pick up his option for 2012.

    This move could be a smart one for the Giants for the single purpose that Beltran would now have another athletic outfielder to team up with and take pressure off him offensively.

    Grady, of course, would have to stay healthy and return to his old form. Who knows if this will ever happen?

4. Rickie Weeks

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    Rickie Weeks had a phenomenal season, especially considering that this was the year before he becomes a free agent. Weeks recently signed a deal through the 2014 season and will not be a free agent next year, but he is a player that the Giants should look at down the road to potentially acquire.

    Weeks has an amazing combination of power, speed and athleticism. Adding Weeks may be enough to convince Beltran to consider to stay in San Fransisco.

3. Jose Bautsista

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    Jose Bautista proved this season that he is not a one year wonder. In fact, he dramatically raised his batting average from last year by hitting .304 as opposed to last season's .260 average. In addition Bautista hit over 40 home runs this season and will flourish in the National League.

    Bautista would provide protection to Beltran in the lineup and could lead the Giants back to the World Series.

    Although Bautista has signed an extension with the Blue Jays, he should be a target for the Giants.

2. Prince Fielder

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    Prince Fielder will most likely leave the Milwaukee Brewers after this season. Granted, they are in the postseason and if they win the World Series who knows what Fielder will be asking for.

    Prince will want close to Pujols money, but if the Giants decide to dip into the well and pay Fielder, he will almost definitely cause Beltran to stay in San Fransisco.

1. Albert Pujols

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    After all of the preseason drama surrounding Albert Pujols, he is still a free agent and is definitely the top free agent in 2012. He has been arguably the most valuable player of the past decade.

    He is looking for a huge contract and the Giants probably will not be in the sweepstakes for Pujols. If they somehow land Pujols, then Beltran will have to stay.