Crucifido’s Corner: Lakers-Nets (Game 47 2/5/08)

Clublakers.comAnalyst IFebruary 5, 2008

Strength On The Road

The anticipation of the game is almost too much to take, but in the end it comes down to how this Laker team will play together. A team on paper is great and all, but it has to translate to Ws on the court.

One big adjustment for the Lakers will be learning how to be the team everyone revs their game up for. Sure teams did anyway simply by it being the Lakers, but now with Gasol, the target is growing.

Alright, first things first – how did Gasol do?

Turns out that Gasol is, uh, pretty dang good. He got his first points as a Laker on the offensive boards in the 1st – exactly the way he’ll contribute a majority of points while Andrew is out. But after the foul trouble subsided and the second half kicked in, Gasol found his groove – quicker than I thought he would.

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