MLB Postseason: Top 50 All-Time Hitters You'd Want Up with the Game on the Line

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MLB Postseason: Top 50 All-Time Hitters You'd Want Up with the Game on the Line
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OK, here's the situation.

No, your parents didn't go away on a week's vacation.

Welcome to Game 7 of the World Series.

It's the bottom of the ninth, two outs, and your team is down by one with two runners in scoring position.

If you had your choice of anyone, including the legends of the game, to come to the plate, who would you pick?

Major League Baseball recognizes the 1903 World Series as the first World Series, so players must have played from 1903 on. Additionally, the player must have been a starter in at least one postseason series at some point in his career.

How would you pick 50 from that list of icons, legends and current superstars?

As baseball has evolved, so have the regular season and postseason—from the number of games played to the number of rounds in the playoffs, creating an uneven playing field when comparing the players of today to those from yesteryear.

By comparing their regular and postseason statistics over a 162-game season, you can put everyone on even footing.

We can figure those out by using a simple formula:

162-game average = (statistic total/games played)*162

For example, if someone played in one seven-game postseason series and hit two home runs, the formula would work like this:

162-game average = (2/7)*162

162-game average = .2857*162=46.28

Over a 162-game season based on his postseason numbers, that player would average 46 home runs a year.

Still with me?


We will look primarily at five statistics: batting average, OPS, hits, home runs and RBI.

By comparing the differences in a player's regular season performance and postseason performance, it will allow us to see who really elevated their games when it mattered most.

Of course, their history of coming through in the clutch will play a role in our decision-making process as well.

Without further ado, in what order would we send these 50 greats to the plate?

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