NBA Underrated Player of the Year (So Far)

statboy yankophersonContributor INovember 28, 2008

Josh Boone was the New Jersey Nets starting Center.

The Nets drafted an outmatched-looking rookie who struggled in those precious few minutes that he got each game.

The Nets were getting eight points and seven rebounds out of the Center position.

In the NBA these days, that is not going to cut it.

Since Josh Boone's injury, the Nets have had to insert that outmatched-looking rookie into their starting lineup.

Outmatched no more.

Brook Lopez has been tearing it up since he took over as a starter.  He is averaging close to a double-double with almost 16 points-per-game as a starter.  Although he has only started seven of 14 games, he averages over 10 ppg—a very impressive accomplishment for the young man. 

The team is now benefiting from the extra six-to-eight points and several rebounds that Brook Lopez is providing.

Lawrence Frank may just be forgetting about the man that he called his starting center at the beginning of the year.  Boone's injury clearly had a positive impact on this team.

The Nets have won four of their last six games, and neither Vince Carter or Devin Harris are to blame.

Brook Lopez deserves credit—why isn't the league noticing?