10 Reasons Why The Real Derby This Weekend Is In Swansea

Ollie Taylor@OllieMKContributor INovember 28, 2008

We'll all log on to Bleacher on Monday morning, and one thing is for definite, there will be at least five articles on Arsene Wenger. Yet chances are we'll be lucky to see one on the Welsh derby this weekend, upon which there is perhaps more at stake.

I'm talking of course about Swansea City vs Cardiff City at the Liberty Stadium. Here's ten reasons why it's more important a tie than it's London counterpart:

  1. It's been nine years since they met in a league fixture. They may have met in the League Cup a couple of months back, but that's Mickey Mouse stuff compared to this. Both sets of fans are chomping at the bit to see their side beat their counterpart.
  2. Both sides only really consider the other to be their rivals, whilst Arsenal and Chelsea both have much bigger fish to fry. Arsenal's rivals are Spurs, Chelsea's rivals are Fulham and West Ham. They only see fit to build this game up because their both doing well.
  3. There will actually be a full-on atmosphere created by both sets of fans.
  4. There's much more added spice to this game. Take Lee Trundle's t-shirt ( pictured) that was on display after Swansea won the Football League Trophy in 2006. You don't get that in the Premiership.
  5. The fans hate each other. They don't want their team to beat the other. They need their teem to beat the other.
  6. Both sides spend all season playing teams in effectively another country and FA. This is the only time they get to face another Welsh team.
  7. The fans in the ground won't have to pay the best part of £50 for their ticket.
  8. Both teams at the Liberty will be playing players actually from Cardiff and Swansea. Joe Ledley represents the Welsh capital, whilst Shaun McDonald is a Swansea boy. How many Arsenal players from North London will be on show this weekend?
  9. Only one point separates them in the league, so not only will the winners get pride of the last win, but pride of the higher-placed team in the league.
  10. There's the added incentive of the promotion picture. Both sides are in the top eight, so a win will boost their play-off chances greatly. Who knows, next season one of these teams could be the first top-flight Welsh team for decades.

Maybe it's worth a watch on Sunday?