LSU Coach-Les: Worth-Les Miles, Les Discipline, More Penalties

Ken CaprittoContributor INovember 28, 2008

To all you Les Miles lovers:

Maybe today's game will make you think "Les"er of him. He was out-coached again and simply handed the Razorbacks the game, because of what? Lesser discipline on the players, which led to the Loss. HE IS "LES"ER of a coach than any other coach.

Now I have this to say to you, who insist that Les Miles is a better coach than Nick Saban: I promise you those costly penalties would not have happened with Nick.

Again, I would not take Nick back for anything in the world and I hate the man, but don't tell me he would have let his players make those stupid mistakes/penalties and call those stupid plays.

I have moved on since Nick Saban, but now every coach seems to be better than Worth-Les Miles. He is a joke, no matter what he won last year and what his record is. Nick Saban's guys are gone and hopefully Les will be gone too.

Michigan needs Les Miles and LSU needs a coach who doesn't kiss his players on the cheeks after costly mistakes and says it's OK guys. LSU will be better off when he is MILES away from Baton Rouge!