Texas Hooks The Aggies...Now What?

Ron Johnson@TLCCaptainSenior Writer IOctober 29, 2016

So this happened last night. While the heavy favorites were putting on a clinic in the pros, the Longhorns were putting on a show for everyone to see. Lisa Horne told Oklahoma not to overdo it this weekend against Oklahoma State.

She should have told that to Texas.

The Horns decimated the Texas A&M Aggies 49-9 in their annual Lone Star Showdown Rivalry Game. But what mattered was the fact that the fans made sure that everyone remembered what happened in Dallas last month. It got so bad that Austin Talbert decided to open a Facebook account reminding all of us about the 45-35 victory over the Sooners.

All over Austin, there were signs pointing to that one game. But the voters are looking at three games: Oklahoma vs. Texas, Texas vs. Texas Tech & Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma. In those three games, all three teams involved notched a win. Texas beat then #1 Oklahoma, Texas Tech beat then #1 Texas and Oklahoma beat then #2 Texas Tech. So what does the win last night mean for Texas now?

Here's the no surprise part: Texas is first in the Big XII South...for now. Texas needed to win and need the Baylor Bears to shock the Red Raiders. Here's the twist: Texas Tech needs Oklahoma to lose to clinch the South, while Oklahoma needs to beat Oklahoma State to clinch the division. Either way, it spells bad news for Texas.

Texas is hoping that everyone will see things their way, but the only thing that's making everyone debate in Austin is the 45-35 win in the Red River Classic. But Texas Tech defeated Texas 39-33 in Lubbock. Then Oklahoma shocks the #2 Red Raiders in Norman with a 65-21 drubbing. So...what does all this mean?

Simply put, before last night's game in Austin, the standings were Oklahoma, Texas Tech and Texas (in that order). Tonight, the standings have it as Texas, Oklahoma & Texas Tech. But if Tech and Oklahoma win this weekend, guess what happens? All the 45-35 talk will go up in smoke. Why you ask? Because of Tech's loss to Oklahoma, and their victory over the Horns, the Red Raiders would finish second in the Big XII South. As for Oklahoma, thanks to the win last weekend in Norman, they can win with a victory over Oklahoma State this weekend.

In the event that the Cowboys stun the Sooners, and Tech beats Baylor, Tech goes to first and plays Missouri. Who likes the way things are in the Big XII South right now? Alabama, Florida and Missouri. The two representatives of the SEC are loving the insanity that is the Big XII South. And Missouri just has to finish off the regular season and wait for the bosses to decide who plays them for the Big XII Championship.

But has anyone thought, "What if Missouri wins the Big XII Championship?" Does this turn the BCS World upside down or what? There's a huge what if that I forgot to touch base on during that column of What Ifs. At the same time, everything depends on this weekend's two biggest games in the Big XII Conference.

But Missouri will be waiting for the Big XII South Champion in the end. But as for that Facebook account, if Texas doesn't win the division, that account will be flooded with angry Austinians who all will be calling for the playoff system afterwards.

So the Horns hooked the Aggies...now what? Wait until this weekend and hope that Baylor and Oklahoma State do you a solid. But if they don't, you can blame the system. You can blame the voters, the fans, hell, even the computer. But when it's over, and Texas doesn't get the nod, get ready for the protesters to come out in drones in support of a playoff system and Texas to play for the Big XII and BCS.