Fantasy Football Conundrum: What to Do with Chris Johnson? Start or Sit Week 4?

Papa SmurfContributor ISeptember 28, 2011

This man gets paid more than the entire nation of Tuvalu. I wonder if any of the 10,838 Tuvaluians can run more than 98 yards with 46 carries?
This man gets paid more than the entire nation of Tuvalu. I wonder if any of the 10,838 Tuvaluians can run more than 98 yards with 46 carries?Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Is he really every coach's dream?

Are Bill Belichick, Mike McCarthy and Mike Tomlin having dreams over 46 carries for 98 yards? Or is Chris Johnson a big bad bomb with a wet wicker?

Well, the Tennessee Titans are hoping they can find a way to ignite Chris because they paid him like DeAngelo Williams. And so far he’s performed like...well...DeAngelo Williams.  

To compound matters, there were third-tier RBs who produced more rushing yards in one game than what Chris has done in three:

Chris Johnson (three games): 46 carries, 98 yards

Fred Jackson: 15 carries, 117 yards

Cedric Benson: 25 carries, 121 yards

Daniel Thomas:  18 carries, 107 yards

Willis McGahee: 28 carries, 101 yards

So as a fantasy owner, what do you do with with this treadmill runner?

Let this week decide for you. With Kenny Britt out, the Titans have to get Chris going if they expect to win more games, so expect more O-line practice and adjustments for opening holes.

Expect more creative plays to get him more receptions. Expect CJ’s bruised ego to push him to do better and practice harder (he still thinks he can pull off 2,000 yards). Expect the Broncos breakout to be moved to the Browns breakout.

I’m your fantasy conscience here to remind you that wherever you drafted him, you gambled that his lack of training camp would be remedied during the season.  There are still 13 games in a juicy schedule left to make your gamble worthwhile.

That said, if you can trade him for a combo RB2/WR1, I’d go for it since it’s still up in the air what he will do.

There might be someone willing to do a Daniel Thomas/Dwayne Bowe or Peyton Hillis/DeSean Jackson trade. Pull the trigger and don’t look back.

I own him after trading Hillis and Hightower for him last week (my RB bench is very strong), so he will either break or make me this year. I’m betting on the latter.

Thoughts? Opinions? Observations? Complaints? I’ll take them all.

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