Maple Leafs-Flyers: Tyler Hill's Weekly "Hockey Night In Canada" Preview

Tyler HillAnalyst INovember 28, 2008


Yes, it’s that time again—the week has passed and the teams have changed.

It is time for Saturday night Hockey!

This week’s game sees the Maple Leafs take on the Flyers. Finally, I get to predict a game between two teams in the Eastern Conference.


Team Records:  

Philadelphia: 11-6-4, 26points

Toronto: 7-9-6, 20 points


My Thoughts

Last week, I listed a few stars from the Blackhawks. But this week, as I look at the team the Flyers have, the only conclusion I can come to is that there are too many stars to list—so I will only talk about four or fivem tops.

Let’s see here, Jeff Carter (the should be captain, no offence to Richards), Simon Gagne, Mike Richards, Braydon Coburn, and many, many others. A combined point total of 83—and that’s only the guys I listed above! In their last ten games they gone 7-1-2, which is good for 16 of 20 possible points.

When you look at the Leafs' roster there aren't a lot of stars.  But we do have some better than average guys on the team, such as Mikhail Grabovski, Nik Antropov, Luke Schenn, and the recently-added Lee Stempniak, who could be promising in the future.

But other than those few players, the Leafs roster lacks that extra something. Where is the heart? It has been gone for a while—two weeks and two days since their last win.


Game Analysis

So, when you break it down, who outnumbers whom?  It appears obvious that the Flyers have the better offence. And as far as depth goes, the Leafs will be suffocating and gasping for air—no pun intended. The Flyers are fast, and won’t let the Leafs catch their breath.

I said this all last week—the Leafs have more depth than almost any other team in the league. However, a few recent injuries plague both these teams and the Leafs are without Mike Van Ryan.

I’m not saying the Flyers don’t have a solid blue line, I am just simply saying the Leafs have a better Defence as a whole. They have three solid lines to ice—even without Coliacovo and van Ryan.

Martin Biron or Vesa Toskala? Poor Vesa, he has (like I said before) been shaky this year, and Biron has been great in net for the flyers this year and will shut down the Leaf offence

Game Expectation and Projected Score

I hate to say it, but I don’t see this being the game for the Leafs to snap their losing streak.


 Pick: 5-2 Philly