Kinnear Signs On For the Rest of the Season

Ollie Taylor@OllieMKContributor INovember 28, 2008

Newcastle United have finally given Joe Kinnear the reward he deserves, a contract that will run until the end of the season.

Whilst Kinnear's appointment was certainly a bit of a shocker, you can't deny the man has done a good job at St. James' Park.

Sure, he hasn't set the world alight, but he's gotten them good, steady results, and isn't that what The Magpies crave, a bit of consistency.

Looking back, perhaps his appointment made sense. Whilst Kinnear had been out of football for a little while, he had a decent enough track record. Sure, his period at Nottingham Forest tarnished his CV a bit, but remember what he achieved at Wimbledon.

Couple that with the uproar Luton fans made when he was acrimoniously sacked by their new owners, and it seems Kinnear is a pretty handy man to have at the helm.

Plus, he achieved a great camaraderie at Wimbledon, and that will go a long way up with the Toon.

Another thing I personally remember from his time at Wimbledon was his stringency in the transfer market. I remember reading a Premiership preview and seeing that in the off-season he hadn't signed or sold any players.

Given the revolving door Keegan and Allardyce had going on at St James' Park, maybe Kinnear's approach could help calm things down a bit.

One more aspect of Kinnear's approach of days past is his ability to fuse some great strike partnerships. If he can get Obafemi Martins and Michael Owen working together in much the same way as Efan Ekoku and Marcus Gayle did, he'll be laughing.

Kinnear, maybe, just maybe, is the man for Newcastle United.