Hottest Beach Sports Cheerleaders

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIISeptember 28, 2011

Hottest Beach Sports Cheerleaders

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    With a tropical temperature and warm sand, the beach is the ideal opportunity for a beautiful presentation. There is something about the beach itself brings out the sexiness in cheerleaders.

    While cheerleaders in other sports routinely flaunt themselves in front of fans and yearn for a positive response, these motivators grace the sand and excite the cozier stands of beach volleyball and beach soccer matches.

    These cheerleaders have found the key to success, which is hot weather and a beach. This seemingly drives fans wild, and these women appear to be fearless in their approach and technique.

    It's a delicate, yet exhilarating process and only those who are most loyal to the beach can truly experience this phenomenon in person.

    Pictures of the hottest beach sports cheerleaders will suffice for now.


35. The Olympics Is No Joke

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    This cheerleader shows us that her kind is fearless, determined and ready for any pose.

    These wild dancers performed during a women's preliminary beach volleyball match at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

    This is the Olympics, even the cheerleaders are ruthless.

34. Wall of Beauty

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    While it's unclear as to why the cameraman took this photograph while kneeling down and lying on his side, we can safely proclaim that it turned out just fine.

    With their hair flailing, hands bent and smiles cocked, these cheerleaders seem fully prepared for the road ahead.

    If their team falls behind early, they'll need these girls to keep the crowd roaring.

33. Put the Lime in the Coconut

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    The 2008 Beijing Olympics clearly had a nice array of beautiful presentations, with unique hairdos and iconic dance moves.

    These girls have the moxy to impress the empty stands and keep those lacking posteriors in the seats.

    She's just yearning for attention.

32. The Real Athletes

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    At this point, we must question whether these cheerleaders could actually defeat the volleyball players in a match, considering their superior athleticism.

    With remarkable flexibility and the apparent ability to multitask, we are beginning to assume that these women are really what fans paid to see.

    Although, that's not surprising.

31. Anime at Its Finest

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    Seemingly resembling a cartoon character from Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, this cheerleader is too perfect for the routinely-solid camera.

    She not only needs her own photo shoot, but she requires a unique amount of editing to make her appear mortal, as she's too perfect.

    Nothing fazes her.

30. A Banana Split

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    With the flexibility of a hockey goalie, the precision of a tennis player and the fearlessness of a football player, this cheerleader can do it all.

    As she swings her hula hoop and embraces her perfect split, she enjoys the screaming of fans and the approval of her peers.

    The hair is just the icing on the cake.

29. Power of Five, Precision of One

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    There may only be five in this shot, but this team of cheerleaders undoubtedly came prepared for their vicious battle in Athens, Greece during the 2004 Summer Olympics.

    This was the first time since 1896 that the Olympics were held in Greece, seemingly presenting these women with the ultimate opportunity to make history.

    And they sure did.

28. The Circle of Life

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    As thousands of eyes look on in appreciation, these cheerleaders dance in a perfect, rhythmic circle that allows them the freedom to bust out some unique moves, albeit keeping proper form.

    The more fun they have, the happier their fans are.

27. Beauty Brings Peace

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    We must appreciate the message that these cheerleaders are working hard to get across to fans.

    While they perform their beautiful cheer, they show their superb ability to hold fan gloves at the same time.

    But these aren't the routine gloves with one finger, rather having two fingers up for peace.

    How precious.

26. Hair Has a Mind of Its Own

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    There's no subliminal messaging here, as this is strictly for fans' entertainment.

    Just like her peers, this cheerleader deals with the typical perspiration and the expected flying of hair.

    Proper procedure.

25. A-Ten-Hut

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    The coach of these cheerleaders seemingly has no need to make her team run sprints or drop down and do superfluous push ups.

    These girls are militaristic in their performance.

24. At a Loss for Words

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    By the look of their confused looks, along with the bewildered expressions portrayed by their arms, these cheerleaders seemingly have no idea what comes next.

    Time to improvise: It's what they're best at.

23. A Bonus Performance

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    While it would be sexier if she was twirling batons, this is quite the performance by this beautiful cheerleader.

    We can safely assume that she is fighting off the ghosts that are haunting the field of play.

    A true warrior.

22. A Classy Showing

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    The classy white hat, formal gloves and a sexy purple two-piece for contrast can only lead to more respect from fans. 

    Combining class with beauty is quite the difficult task, yet these cheerleaders clearly have it mastered.

    We are impressed.

21. Dirty Dancing

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    We are beginning to question the validity of these hair shots, considering they are perfectly discombobulated every time and never avoided.

    It's the perfect combination of athleticism and sexiness.

    This is the real event.

20. Feet Be Burnin', Not Concernin', What Nobody Wanna Say

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    While this may be a sexy occurrence of cheerleading at its finest, these women are clearly uncomfortable underneath their feet.

    Their wide-open hands tells fans that they are trying to ignore the immense pain from the hot sand.

    They are working hard to stay focused. Only Sean Paul could understand.

19. Veer off Course

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    While cheerleading doesn't exactly adhere to a strict code of laws, these girls seemingly took their performance to the next level and stretched the rules of cohesion.

    Nobody seems to have a problem with it.

18. A Blown Play

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    This clueless smile is undoubtedly caused by her confusion with the performance.

    In forgetting her role in the unit of cheerleaders, she is calmly sneaking over to the sideline to ask her coach for help.

    The head honcho can't possibly yell at this innocent look.

17. Smile Like You Don't Care

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    At the 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou, China, these cheerleaders had the perfect idea for a photo shoot.

    They seemingly believed that hanging on the volleyball net in sexy two-piece bikinis, while smiling bright, would open the eyes of fans.

    Not that it's ever been done before.

16. Flaunting Their Beauty

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    With 11,028 athletes from 204 National Olympic Committees competing in 28 sports and 302 events, as well as being distracted by these beautiful cheerleaders, it was a glorious competition.

    They were loving the attention, and grabbed the opportunity to shine by the horns.

15. An Army of One

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    This vicious and reckless collection of cheerleaders have proved to us that they deserve to be given the opportunity to fight for their country.

    With their ability to work as one cohesive unit, and to put all enemies in a hypnotic state, they are seemingly built for success.

14. A Gaudy Act

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    Beach sports seem to bring out the beauty in all participants, and not just because of the lacking of more articles of clothing.

    These girls have the pom poms to attract a plethora of interested countries, and keep them engaged throughout a tedious collection of games.

    Job well done.

13. If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands

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    Whether they're kindergarten teachers or sexy cheerleaders is debatable considering the corny attempt at a clap, but they look great in whatever field they decided to progress in.

    Sexiness gives these girls the ability to succeed without wasting energy.

    Most fans undoubtedly forgot about the game.

12. A Double Entendre

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    This cheerleader has found the perfect way to fight the screeching wind that seemingly loves to bother beach dwellers.

    Taping her pom poms around her wrists seems like the ideal method to avoiding a loss during the dance.

    Losing them could be fatal.

11. Blue and Yellow

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    While we condone the outfit as a whole, it's baffling as to why these cheerleaders are wearing jeans on the beach, albeit short ones. 

    To put it in perspective, it's still more cooling than sweatpants.

10. Records Were Made to Be Broken

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    While many athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics surely felt distracted by the beautiful cheerleaders flaunting around the games, two stars felt differently.

    Michael Phelps broke the record for most gold medals in one Olympics when he won eight swimming events, and Usain Bolt proved to the world he is the fastest by setting new records in the 100-meter and 200-meter sprints.

    They were clearly motivated by something.

9. A Solo Act

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    The coach of this cheerleading squad must've had enough confidence in her captain to allow her to run things on her own.

    She is a one-woman show, running wildly through the sand pit in an attempt to cause the crowd to rise in chaotic cheer.

    60 percent of the time it works every time.

8. Everyone, Halt!

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    This leader of the pack is prepared to do whatever it takes to please the camera.

    As she halts her crew of cheerleaders, as they perform a wide array of strange stretches, she smiles at the camera with a flashy confidence. 

    She's clearly been here before.

7. Accidentally in Love

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    While these cheerleaders are amazing at their craft and always have epic performances, it's often their natural moments that bring out the most sexiness.

    As this one cools off from the sticky Chinese weather, she is ideally caught by a curious camera.

    Always in the right place at the right time.

6. Pre-Game Stretch

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    Before flailing their arms, legs and heads around in an attempt to excite the crowd at these Olympics, cheerleaders need to remember to stretch to avoid pulled hamstrings and strained necks.

    However, they may want to do several face stretches to prepare for the constant smile that is often expressed as part of the performance.

    This cheerleader knows the routine, and she seems prepared for rough battle.

5. A Fan Favorite

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    This cheerleader is clearly yearning for reverence, eager to make noise and garner fan appreciation.

    With excited fans waiting for a cheerleader to engage them during the European Beach Soccer League in Mallorca, Spain in 2007, they were pleasantly surprised to find this girl in the stands.

    Too bad they weren't at the stadium yet.

4. When the Wind Blows

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    During a provocative, yet proper performance, this cheerleader deals with a slight bit of adversity.

    Her pom poms, albeit intricate, are quite light and can't fight the vicious wind on their own.

    This beautiful cheerleader, with a bright smile on her face, must pull against the wind and keep her prop in hand.

3. Beautiful Product Placement

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    There are many fans who prefer the sweet taste of Arizona iced tea over the odd-flavored Nestea, but the latter is beginning to make a strong case for their brand.

    If beautiful cheerleaders like this can represent the omnipresent iced tea, one can only imagine what the drink can do.

    Advertising at its best.

2. Super Soaked Fun

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    While crowds may have dwindled in recent years at certain Olympic events, they continue to throng into stadiums to watch these beautiful bikini-clad cheerleaders.

    At the 2004 Athens Olympics, a sellout crowd rushed exuberantly into the stadium, anxious to watch these cheerleaders.

    It's not surprising to learn that beach volleyball attracted the fifth largest television audience of the 28 sports on Bondi Beach in Australia in 2000.

    All they have to do is show up.

1. French Fried

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    This cheerleader not only performs a breathtaking dance at the 2008 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup in Marseille, France, but she will get to come back next year.

    Unlike the Olympics, these beautiful cheerleaders don't have to wait four years to come back.

    Fans are anxiously waiting.