You Pay a Man $56 Million, But You Do Nothing To Protect Your Investment

john dmytrukCorrespondent INovember 28, 2008

Marc Bulger passed his psyche test and will play on Sunday, according the Saint Louis Rams' Web site. He will be join by Steve Jackson and Orlando Pace, who will be returning from injuries.

Jim Haslett said that Bulger passed his psyche and will play on Sunday against the Dolphins. Haslett is not sure by what score he past by, but that he has past.

This has been Bulger's second concussion. The league states that a player has to retire after three concussions. The Rams have to think about his future. 

Marc Bulger has a $56 million contract with this team, and he is playing his second year of this contract. This will be his second concussion, which means one more and he has to retire. Now you ask will the Bulger be a Ram next year?

Now, before I get accused of being insensitive about Bulger's plight, hear me out. You pay this man the money, but then you doing nothing to protect him. Let me repeat it again. You paid him $56 million and did nothing to protect him. 

This, to me, falls under insanity. Whether he deserved the money falls under irrelevant. What falls under relevant, you did nothing to protect him or other words, "protect your investment."

Also, Chip Rosenbloom attended the game against the Bears. His attitude about the game, " underwhelmed."  I smell the winds of change that will bring an end to the 30-year party that some people had at the consequences of the fans and the team.