Conference Realignment: Is the Big Ten Better off with 12 Teams?

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2011

With everything that has been happening with conference realignment so far this year it is hard not to wonder if the Big Ten should expand further after adding Nebraska earlier this year.  So called "super conferences" are looking like they could be the future of college sports.  

But is this the best option for the Big Ten?  

Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has said repeatedly that the Big Ten is not looking to expand anytime soon.  The only way that the Big Ten may consider further expansion is if Notre Dame all the sudden showed interest in joining.  The Big Ten has pursued Notre Dame in the past and they turned down the bid.  They have tried and failed and it would be useless for them to try again on a school who has no interest.  

The other possible potential targets for the Big Ten have been thought to be Missouri, Rutgers and Kansas.

But there is still no reason for the Big Ten to expand.  They are not experiencing any of the problems that the Big 12 has been experiencing.  It has been said that the Big Ten should look east for more schools but those schools are looking at joining the ACC or SEC.  

Right now the Big Ten has nothing to worry about.  They are still a very solid conference who has options to expand for the future if they need to.  The Big Ten has been around 100 years longer then the Big 12 and has only had one school leave (University of Chicago) who decided to focus more on academics.  If the Big Ten was forced to expand they could easily find schools.  They are a classic conference who a lot of schools would like to play in over the future.