45-35 Has Become a Texas Longhorn Addiction

Burgess ShawCorrespondent INovember 28, 2008

Just because the presidential election is over doesn't mean that politics are done with. As everyone knows, OU, Texas, and Texas Tech are all in a tie. Texas took care of business vs. A&M, and if Texas Tech and Oklahoma can do the same, then we have a huge BCS headache.

Back in early October when the Big 12 race was starting, the Texas Longhorns defeated the Oklahoma Sooners 45-35 on a neutral field in Dallas. This huge headache started when Texas lost to Texas Tech in Lubbock on a last-play grab by Michael Crabtree.

Now the politics have begun when Texas Tech lost big to Oklahoma just last week. Texas has now come out with everything in their arsenal to remind voters what happened way back in October.

A student at Texas named Austin Talbert made a Facebook page named, "Texas did beat OU 45-35, lest we forget," and since then a website, 45-35.com, has been made in an attempt to sway voters to not vote OU over Texas if there is a three-way tie for the Big 12 South.

They raised over $7,000 to print 20,000 signs for the game against A&M and a plane to fly over College GameDay in Stillwater that simply says "45-35."

Those numbers, 45-35, have become an addiction to Texas fans as a way to sway voters to choose the Longhorns. The A&M game, which is a rivalry, almost seemed unimportant to viewers around the nation. All there was that "Every Sooner Prays No One Remembers 45-35."

Although it wasn't a game, it just seemed like every Texas fan was worrying about one score, 45-35, and not 49-9.

Now unless they win the hearts of voters with their 45-35 signs last night, it would seem like time wasted if OU wins and goes to the Big 12 Championship.