Why Ronnie Brown Is the Most Overrated Player in the Game

Matt JacobsContributor INovember 28, 2008

Ronnie Brown is in his fourth year in the league, and he has already posted solid numbers to start off his career.

There is no doubt that he is a talented RB among the inconsistent numbers that have been posted all year by many of the league's other backs, but I believe that he is possibly the most overrated back in the league.

Brown received much attention and hype after his amazing game against the Patriots in Week Three. In that game Brown showcased his talent with 113 yards and four TDs on the ground. He also threw for a TD. I am not going to sit here and say that five TDs are not impressive, but they're possibly a bit overhyped.

If you look at Brown's numbers carefully, they are a bit deceiving.

Two of Brown's TDs were five or fewer yards. Those two can be attributed to the Dolphins giving Brown the ball with great field positioning. Another one of Brown's TDs was 65 yards, which is impressive, but it may be an aberration. If we take out those three rushes, Brown is down to only 41 yards and one TD. Not so impressive, is it?

Now for the rest of Brown's misleading season. Brown has only rushed for 100 yards three times. Additionally, he has six games with under 50 yards rushing.

Overall, just remember Ronnie Brown averages only 58.3 rush yards a game. Those aren't the kind of numbers an elite RB should be posting in the prime of his career.