The Truth About Tony Romo

Kyle CrawfordContributor IISeptember 27, 2011

However, I'm more than happy to give the Cowboys the title of "America's Most Talked About Team." As part of Quarterbacking AMTAT, Tony Romo immediately vaults to the top of the "most talked about players list." In my estimation, no player inspires as much controversy as Romo with one side arguing he's uber talented and the other arguing that he is a choke artist. 

So, let's set things straight. Like most stories, the answer to the legend of Romo is actually found somewhere near the middle ground of the opposing sides. Tony Romo is a top talent in the National Football League, but has given his haters plenty of ammo by failing to succeed in the playoffs. 

The Bad (At least for now)
Fans of AMTAT fell in love with legends Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman not simply because they threw touchdowns while wearing the legendary silver helmet with a blue star. Fans fell in love with Staubuch and Aikman because they won a combined Five Super Bowls for AMTAT. Staubauch had an 11-6 record in the postseason, twice leading AMTAT to Super Bowl Championships (VI, XII). Aikman went 11-4 leading the AMTAT to three Super Bowls (XXVII, XXVIII, XXX). 

Tony Romo hasn't been himself in four playoff appearances. AMTAT finds themselves with a 1-3 record when Romo leads them into playoff battles. Romo finds his completion percentage under 60% in playoff football with a Quarterback Rating of nearly 81. Romo and AMTAT have struggled to find the endzone through the air in his playoff starts with four touchdowns and two interceptions. 

More notable than any of the above stats, Romo haters tend to bring back up one simple moment from the 2006 postseason. With the Cowboys trailing by 1 point Romo botched the hold on the go ahead field goal ( While Romo clearly choked in this scenario, his haters need to drop it. He does not hold anymore. 

Outside of Romo seemingly smiling to much even after key plays (which would frustrate me), this is about all the ammo that Romo detractors have. 

The Good 
Tony Romo is a very very good Quarterback. Outside of Aikman's 1993 season, Romo has put up consistently better numbers than either of the other "AMTAT Legends." In Romo's 2007 season he threw for 36 Touchdowns, 19 Interceptions, over 4,000 yards while completing over 64% of his passes. Look at the people that have done that ( and you'll see names like Steve Young, Tom Brady, and Peyton Manning. It is a season that has only happened 7 other times post merger. 

Two years in 2009 Romo through 26 Touchdowns, 9 Interceptions, 4400 yards, and completed 63% of his passes. Looking through that list of 22 other seasons ( you'll see some of the most talented Quarterbacks to ever take the field. 

Two names you won't find on either list? Aikman and Staubach. Romo might be the most talented Quarterback to ever play for AMTAT, he just needs to prove it.

So both sides stop arguing, because you are both wrong. And right.