Beyond the Big Four: EPL Fans Shift Focus from Title Battle

Andrew GowlandCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2008

This may just be my view as a Sunderland fan looking down at the table, but it seems that over the past few years, the fans' focus has lifted from the actual title race—predictable at best—to the battle for fourth place and relegation struggles.

There is more at stake for Bolton or Wigan being relegated than Arsenal or Manchester United finishing second.

With so many teams in the hunt for European football, the league and cup matches between the likes of Blackburn and Villa are vastly more entertaining than Man United, Chelsea, and Arsenal matches, which so often leave much to the imagination. 

The FA Cup final is a classic example of this. Whenever Man United play either Arsenal or Chelsea it leads to a boring 0-0 draw at the end of 90 minutes beacuse these teams are constantly getting to the final stages of cup competitions and it means nothing to the players anymore.

When Liverpool and West Ham met in the Millenium Stadium it was the greatest Cup final of modern times.

It seems as though more and more fans are getting bored of seeing the same teams compete for the big prizes every season and so have begun to pay more attention to the lesser clubs trying to push as high up the table as possible, like Tottenham or Portsmouth.

Again, this may just be my biased view as a Sunderland fan, refusing to look at the higher end of the table and being forced to remember being torn inside out by the top four teams, but please let me know if anyone else feels there is more enjoyment to be gained watching the underdogs prevail.