Lakers Showing That They're the Real Deal in Los Angeles

Keith GrieveContributor INovember 28, 2008

The Los Angeles Lakers have everything they need to win a championship.

Right now.

They are leading the league in scoring per game, and while they're "only" sixth in points allowed per game, they're also leading the league in point differential.

They are winning games they probably shouldn't. The first Dallas game comes to mind where they were not firing on all cylinders yet somehow managed to pull away.

They have four players averaging double figures, one of which is F Lamar Odom who isn't even a starter.

They have three more players averaging 9+ per game.

Andrew Bynum isn't playing 30 minutes per game, yet averaging 2.38 blocks.

Vladimir Radmanovic and Derek Fisher are both shooting better than 40 percent from behind the arc.

And you thought there would be issues fitting Pau Gasol with Bynum an Odom.

There hasn't really been too many tough tests yet, however they did find a way to beat Dallas.  They put up 111 points on Houston, who currently is the top defensive team. They handled Phoenix, yet lost to Detroit on the road.

Tonight a hot Mavericks team strolls into the Staples Center, winners of their last five games. A Laker win, albeit at home, will give us a little more indication of whether or not they're for real while we salivate for the Christmas Day matchup with the Celtics.

So far, I don't see much to make me think they're not.