The Consequences of a Playoff Over a Plus One

Justin AnthonyCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

I know you have been sitting there listening to all the sports writers and the guys on ESPN and even President Elect Obama has been crying out for a playoff system.  For one second lets stop and think what would happen if there was a playoff.  When you make a major decision you write on a piece of paper pros and cons of that decision.  So far in this argument all you have heard is the pro's of the argument.  I am going to give you the cons.


Cons of a Playoff System

1. Say good by to Utah,  Boise State, Ball State 

The first thing the six major Conferences would do is scrap Non-Conference games that means the smaller conferences will not Money from the major conferences.   Recruiting budgets will shrink and the teams would have nothing to play for and the small conferences like the MAC, Mountain West, Conference-USA, and WAC will cut Football because they are not getting the huge write outs from the Bowls and Non-conference games.  

The smaller divisions can afford to continue because they don't have scholarship players so there budgets are much lower.  If you think a playoff will benefit you think again the Big Six will team up and bully you out of the whole process because they did it with the BCS.


2. Good Buy Rivalry Games

In college football, rivalry games can make or break a season, whatever your record is. Say good bye to all those they will mean oh so less at the end of the year when teams want to rest players for the playoff. Games like South Carolina vs. Clemson gone, Georgia vs. Georgia Tech, and Florida vs. Florida State. With a playoff. there will be no out of conference games until the playoffs.  Great tradition games would cease to exist; Army vs. Navy and Harvard vs. Yale.


3.  David hits Goliath in the head and Goliath doesn't fall over.

Say good bye to upsets in the regular season they are gone lets look at some of the major upsets this year and throw them out the window they don't mean squat.  One loss will not kill a team in the top 10, especially if its close.  It may mean a lot to the school that won but in the big picture it means very little until the playoffs and are you going to be shocked if No. 8 Penn State Beats No. 1 Alabama on a neutral field? No.

4. The Voters will Still Decide who the National Champion is 

Yes, the pesky voters you thought you got rid of with this playoff. Oh no.  By going to a playoff you give them even more power, because you still need a top eight and the only way to get that is by voting.  The voters would still decide who plays in the playoff no matter what.  We would still have the argument well this team got left out and this team got left out.  The debate would still be there.  The basketball bracket works because the major conferences almost never get screwed, but there is still talk about who got left out.


5. Money

Money is the biggest factor its why we don't have a playoff its, why the smaller schools can still be in the Bowl Championship division.  Money is what drives the College Football machine and are fans going to shell out $800 for season tickets then pay double for three more games in the playoffs along with travel expenses i highly doubt it.


There are many factors that people have been overlooking when calling for a playoff they are so much in love with the idea of settling it on the field that they over look what it will cause.  The way to fix the problem is a plus one; go back to having all the major bowl games on January 1 and then have a week in-between the plus one.  That way the regular season will still mean something; its what separates it from the NFL.