All That Jazz: 10 Things Jazz Fans Can Be Thankful For

Dustin JohnsonCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day Jazz Fans. So far this season there has been a lot to be thankful for despite the many injuries and disappointing road record. Here is a list of those things that we should as Jazz fans all be thankful for.


D-Will Is Back

Okay so he may not be 100 percent but look at the difference Deron Williams made in the Memphis game last night. Sure he can't be as aggressive as normal, but he can still dish the rock as shown by his 15 assists last night. Utah erupted for 117 points in response to having their unquestioned leader back on the floor.

Jerry Sloan

I believe that if Jerry Sloan does not get the Coach of the Year award this year, there is a serious amount of injustice in this NBA universe. His strong and steady leadership has kept this team together with all of the injuries so far. On top of that, his call to bring Andrei Kirilenko off the bench was absolute genius. AK has been spectacular off the bench and thrives in bringing that spark of energy to each and every game.

Andrei Kirilenko

Speaking of AK. Lets all be thankful that he has pulled on his big boy pants, wiped away the tears, and started playing like the All-Star he can be. This is the AK-47 of old mowing down opposing offenses with a variety of swipes, deflections, nasty blocks, and overall hustle.

Paul Milsap

Two words describe what we have to be thankful for in Paul Milsap: Heart and Hustle. This guy is the prototypical Jerry Sloan favorite. He has a nose for the ball and complete disregard for his own physical well-being. He is the reason there might just might be a Carlos Boozer trade in January. He has shown that he can be a starting power forward in this league with an emphasis on POWER.

Bench Depth

The bench for this Jazz team must be not only the deepest in the league, but perhaps the best bench Jerry Sloan has ever coached. On this bench are Kirilenko, Paul Milsap, Kyle Korver, Matt Harpring, and Ronnie Price. Seriously I think those five would make a better starting five than half the teams in the league. I dare you to name five guys coming off another team's bench that are as good as these guys.

The New ESA Speaker System

Now you can really hear a Jazz game when your there. I can hardly wait for the Pacers game in January when my daughter will be dancing at half time.

Larry H. Miller

Lets all give a moment to be thankful for Larry and his ability to pull through his recent health problems. Hopefully he will be a staple courtside for years to come at Jazz games.

The Dunkmaster

AKA Ronnie Brewer. This guy cuts the lanes and finishes dunks as good as any player in the NBA. After years of dealing with the likes of Gordan Giricek, it is nice to have such an athletic finisher at shooting guard. On top of his finishing ability, he is quickly developing a jump shot to match.

Centers Who Can Shoot The Globe

Thank you Memhet Okur and Kosta Koufos. We all know that Boozer and Milsap rule the lane like a pack of hungry lions. So who needs an inside force at center? A pure outside shooter works just as well. 

How many times has the Money Man sent the other team a Memo to win a game?  Kosta looks to be cut from the same cloth. If he can develop into what Memo is, then the Jazz will have made an awesome pick in the late first round.

Ghosts of the Past

One last thanks goes out to all the Jazz players and personnel that came before helping to make this franchise one of the best in the league. Special thanks to Karl Malone, John Stockton, Pete Maravich, Adrian Dantley, Darrell Girffith, Jeff Hornacek, Mark Eaton, Thurl Bailey, Jeff Malone, Bryon Russell, Tom Chambers, Frank Layden, Kevin O'Conner, Phil Johnson, Ron Boone, Hot Rod Hundley, Craig Bolerjack, and Walt Perrin.