What Chris Johnson Could Have Been

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What Chris Johnson Could Have Been

I think it is a good time right now to reflect on this past years draft and say which players are doing well for themselves and which aren't.

One player I like to think about is Chris Johnson. Coming into the NFL Draft, he was unknown to everyone, besides, he ran the fastest 40 for a RB in the history of the combine.

The Titans select Johnson with the 24th overall pick in the 2008 draft and exactly all of Nashville said a cumulative: "Who the hell is Chris Johnson?" I know because I was with a Titans fan the day of the draft, and in the aftermath he threw a boot at the ceiling, swore off his teams chances in 2008, talking to other Titans fans on the phone and agreeing that he is fast and should be good.

Well all I know is that Johnson has 833 yards with five games left, and if those are not legit numbers for a rookie, I do not know what is.

But, the other side of the story is that Johnson could have been absolutely terrible, and in effect destroying the Titans season. This has happened to a lot of teams, and here are some prime examples of what Chris Johnson could have been.


Rashaan Salaam, 21st overall pick in 1995 draft, Chicago Bears

The man won the Heisman in 1994 with Colorado, and dropped very nicely to the Bears in a time when they were in transition from the Walter Payton days. In five NFL seasons, Salaam had 1,684 yards with most of them being in a 1,000-yard season in the first season.

I think it cool when he was one of the pitch men for the XFL, but seeing as how that is not around anymore, you can image in why Rashaan is on this list.


Curtis Enis, fifth overall pick in 1998 Draft, Chicago Bears

Ok, so another guy that had a very dominate college year, and the Bears were in a time of transition after Rashaan Salaam was deemed a failure. So they pick up Enis to become the next great NFL back. Let's just say that never happened.

The numbers speak for themselves, in three NFL seasons, all with the Bears, he ran for 1497 yards, and not one single 1000 yard season.


Kevin Jones, 30th overall pick 2004 draft, Detroit Lions

Now, this guy was nothing more than a flash in the pan at the combine. For whatever reason, people were rating him a first rounder when he wasn't all that great in college. The Lions picked him up anyways in a post-Barry Sanders rut, and in four-and-a-half years, he is now on the Bears and only has 109 yards. Bust, big time.


Cedric Benson, fourth overall selection 2005 draft, Chicago Bears
We all know this guy sucks. In his fourth year out of Texas, this one time great college running back has proved he was a waste of money. The Bears picked him up to backup Thomas Jones, and he was good at that, and when the Bears put all the chips on the table with Benson when they traded Jones, Benson proved he was a waste of body on the field.

In three-and-a-half seasons, Benson has 1,911 yards, and didn't have a job for a good portion on the season.


So, you may see the pattern right here. It is just basically a jealous Bears fan hating on the success of the Titans running back selections in the draft. I mean, Eddie George, LenDale White, and Chris Johnson are way more legit than these three fools. You should be happy when you continually are able to draft good players.

But back on point, I feel that Chris Johnson would made this list have more symmetry.


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