What The WWE Should Do With/For John Cena

Raymond TursherCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

John Cena is back, and the CHAMP!

Many people are not happy about this, some are. There has been alot of news about a heel turn, most people know that the WWE won't do this because of one thing, MERCHANDISE. Cena sells seats, shirts, replica titles, everything he's on or in.

A heel turn would lose the younger audience that gets the merch. With the heel turn outa there, heres a path that the WWE could and should do to with Cena that might help with the opinions of him, and get ratings back:

Give Him a Gimmick

John Cena has been wrestling as himself, it's one of the main reasons that people don't like him, just about everyone loved him as the heel eminem wana-be. He connected with the fans in a different way for a heel. He was more in-between in reality. He had great segments with humor and everything!

Have him feud with Batista or Orton (preferrably Batista with an actual build-up)
John Cena can have matches that can stun you. With oponents like Batista and now Orton, he can have great feuds with memorable matches, the problem is, the last one had no build-up aside from, "I've been watching you, Well I've been watching you too!"

There was nothing to actually interest people aside from the prospect of a great match. With an real story, the main event will have a meaning aside from who's better, that only works with The Rock and The Hulkster.

While everyone's felt that the real match-up in the making was Orton and Cena, that should be saved for later. In fact, the Chain Gang Army with Cryme Tyme and Orton and the Priceless crew could be a great feud builder for next Survivor Series.

Lose the marine gimick

While everyone loves a patriot, you can't use it forever. "The Marine" was over a few years ago now. John can ressurect his standing, he'll do whatever, remember, he put over Orton after his comeback from winning the Rumble.

All this could help bring Cena into everyone's graces.