"3 Peat" = Horrible Feat

Mike MurdockContributor INovember 27, 2008

"Get on my level you cant get on my level you would need a space shuttle or a ladder that's forever," says rapper Lil Wayne in "3-peat" of The Carter III.

He was apparently not speaking to Mr. Pacman Jones, three-peat violator of rules resulting in suspension from the NFL, with those lyrics. I assure you how ever that Dr. Carter was referring to Pacman when he said on his ESPN blog that, "I'd kick him out of the league."

My proposition to you, listen to the most influential man on the face of the earth when it comes to teenager. Lil Wayne is the most popular rapper on the planet, selling 527,928 copies of the Carter III on the opening day alone, and what he says goes, period.

Honestly though, he grew up in Holly Grove, LA, he has been shot, and he knows what really goes on. When he says a man doesn't deserve forgiveness, a man doesn't deserve forgiveness.

In that same blog, Mr. Carter compares Pacman Jones to Hines Ward, saying, "You got guys like Hines Ward out there getting fined for making plays on the field on one hand, and then on the other hand you got guys in situations where people are getting shot. Come on."

Jones is an alcoholic with a history for partying and messing up good things. He had a good thing in Tennessee and decided to go to a Vegas club and get in a gun fight, in which a security guard was paralyzed (he got suspended for the full 2007 season for that).

To keep him out of trouble, the commish, Roger Goodale, assigned him a body guard. Also, to prevent any future binge's Mr. Commissioner required Pacman to attend an alcohol rehabilitation center.

Pacman subsequently killed two birds with one stone when he got drunk and fought his own body guard. This resulted in the six-game suspension which ended tonight with a victory over the Seahawks.

Basically, three-peat's = your own level. For Lil Wayne, it's selling millions upon millions of albums, for Pacman Jones its the level labeled waste. Waste of money, waste of time, waste of talent.

I propose that when you invent your own level of waste, you deserve to waste away in the CFL. Lifetime ban of Pacman Jones the criminal, Lil Wayne says so, I say so, what do you say?