Brian Burke Made a Leaf

Jack PorterCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

It's all but official. Brian Burke is the new general manager and president of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

TSN reported that Brian Burke has agreed to a six-year deal in the range of $18 million. It has been speculated for a week now that Burke would take control in Toronto and all that's left now is to sign on the dotted line.

It is expected that an announcement will come in the next two days along with a press conference naming Brian Burke the GM and president of the Leafs.

Brian's deal seems to be similar to that of Toronto Raptors GM and President Bryan Colangelo. Brian Burke will hold the position of president, giving him full control over hockey operations. 

It's also believed that Brian may be a bit steamed as he wanted to have a peaceful Thanksgiving with his family. He received the contract earlier today by email and will look it over to make sure everything is in order.

Also, Toronto representatives will be meeting with Mats Sundin in LA this week, but one has to wonder, is Mats Sundin in the Leafs' plans?