Greatest Knockouts in UFC History by Event: UFC 1-10

Jason Schielke@jasonschielkeCorrespondent ISeptember 27, 2011

Greatest Knockouts in UFC History by Event: UFC 1-10

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    In all sports, there is nothing that can evoke the kind of crowd reaction like the sheer violence of a knockout.

    Over the course of 150 or so UFC events, MMA fans have been treated to hundreds of tremendous knockouts since the promotion's debut nearly 18 years ago.

    During the next few weeks, we will be taking a trip down memory lane and taking a look at the best knockout from every UFC event to date.

    In the first offering, we will be looking back at UFC 1 through 10.

UFC 1: Gerard Gordeau vs Teila Tuli

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    The very first MMA fight to be broadcast in the United States just so happened to also give fans their very first taste of the kind of knockout that can be delivered in the sport.

    Gerard Gordeau, a Savate world champion, met sumo wrestler Teila Tuli in the opening round of the UFC 1 tournament. When the fight started, Tuli charged across the Octagon at Gordeau.

    Gordeau simply pushed him aside, kicked him in in the face and followed up with a right hook to end Tuli's night in just 26 seconds.

    Not only did Gordeau give the fans a great knockout, but he also gave a fan a free souviner in the form of one of Tuli's teeth.

UFC 2: Pat Smith vs Scott Morris

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    For their second event, the UFC staged their first and only 16-man, one night tournament.

    In the quarterfinals, Pat Smith met up with the ninja they called Scott Morris. It was too bad for Morris that his ninja skills failed him in this match.

    In a mere 30 seconds, Smith got Morris to the ground, mounted and smashed his face with half a dozen unanswered elbows that left Morris' face a bloody mess.

    Smith beat him up so bad that he actually stopped dropping the elbows and got up before the referee could step in to stop the match.

UFC 3: Harold Howard vs Roland Payne

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    In the third UFC tournament, karate expert Harold Howard met up against kickboxer Roland Payne in the opening round.

    It was a furious 46 seconds of action that saw both fighters nail each other with some hard shots. Howard was able to get the better of the slugfest when he connected with a right hand to Payne's temple that put him out face down on the mat.

UFC 4: Marcus Bossett vs Eldo Dias Xavier

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    This preliminary bout wins by default since it was the only knockout of the event. It was a rare case where every tournament bout ended with a submission.

    I couldn't find any footage of this fight in my MMA collection, so we'll just have to keep it at winning by default.

UFC 5: Jon Hess vs Andy Anderson

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    Once again, the opening bout of the tournament produced the best knockout of the event.

    Jon Hess had a hefty size advantage over Andy Anderson, but Anderson was a scrappy little guy.

    The two fighters went toe-to-toe throwing wild bombs, and even mixed in an eye poke or two for good measure.

    About a minute and a half in to the fight, Hess' size advantage became too much for Anderson to handle, and he was awarded the TKO victory.

UFC 6: Tank Abbott vs John Matua

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    Who could ever forget the night Tank Abbott took the world of MMA by storm?

    The bar room brawler with a belly not near as big as his mouth took to the cage to take on John Matua in the first tournament bout of the event.

    It took Tank all of 20 seconds to leave Matua flat on his back with his arms and legs sticking up in the air. It was the most devastating knockout seen to date, and possibly one of the most devastating of all time.

UFC 7: Marco Ruas vs Paul Varelans

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    In the finals of UFC 7, Brazilian newcomer Marco Ruas found himself in the finals against veteran Paul Varelans.

    Varelans had an easy 100 pounds on Ruas, so Ruas did the smartest thing he could—stick and move.

    For over 13 minutes, Ruas stayed out of harms way and blasted Varelans' lead leg over and over again with kicks. Finally, the accumulation of punishment became too much for Varleans to take, and the giant crumbled to the mat.

    It was—and arguably still is—the best display of leg kicking ever seen.

UFC 8: Gary Goodridge vs Paul Herrera

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    This is one of the knockouts that will forever be on the UFC's highlight reel.

    In the most vicious 13 seconds seen, Gary Goodridge got Paul Herrera in a crucifix and blasted away at Herrera's head. 

    After about seven or eight elbows, Herrera was out cold, and he started to look like a bobblehead.

UFC 9: Cal Worsham vs Zane Frazier

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    In the first non-tournament event held by the UFC, Cal Worsham went up against Zane Frazier in the second bout of the evening.

    Worsham took the smart approach to this bout and got Frazier down to the ground as quickly as he could.

    From there, Worsham blasted away at Frazier's face with left hands until Frazier was forced to tap out.

UFC 10: Gary Goodridge vs John Campetella

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    The tournament format returned at UFC 10, and Gary Goodridge provided another knockout of the night in the tournament's final quarterfinal bout.

    This time, it took Goodrige 10 times as long as it took him to knockout Paul Herrera at UFC 8, but he still managed to get the job done.

    Campetella came out fast and landed some pretty good shots early on in the match, but Goodridge was able to turn thing around quickly.

    After pulling guard, Goodridge swept Campetella, landed in the mount and blasted away with left hands until the referee stepped in to stop the match.