Indiana Hoosiers: Trouble in Bloomington?

Chris GrinsteadCorrespondent IFebruary 5, 2008

The Indiana Hoosiers have been ranked as high as seventh in the nation, and now they are down to their low for this year at 13th.

Have they lost their motivation with success, or is there a bigger problem here?

There could be any number of reasons for the losing streak that the Hoosiers have recently compiled.

1. Eric Gordon, the leading Big Ten scorer, was injured for the game against Wisconsin, giving him unusual scoring troubles.

2. What about the UConn game? This was just one bad game. Indiana was outrebounded on the boards and were not nearly as physical and explosive as it normally is.

3. They seem to be playing with less intensity and passion than they normally do. There may be underlying problems going on off the court.

4. They have had struggles scoring. Kelvin Sampson may be focusing too much on trying to improve the defense and completely forgetting about offense.

Any way  you look at it, this Indiana team could very well turn around and go deep in the tournament. The alternative is a very unhappy group of alumni in Bloomington.