WWE: Tyson Kidd and the Top 8 Low-Card Stars in WWE Today

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2011

WWE: Tyson Kidd and the Top 8 Low-Card Stars in WWE Today

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    For every John Cena or Randy Orton, there are many men who never even get a chance to succeed.

    They are jobbed out to the stars or not even put on TV.

    While they may look weak, some of these guys are true talents.

    They could be great stars without direction or just guys too small to be impressive.

    They may not have star power or their own collection of special moves, but they have the ability to spark up the crowd when necessary.

    The following men are some of the most talented stars in WWE who have hardly been on your television screen at all the last couple years.

Honorable Mention

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    These are the stars who finally got screen time after a long time on this side of the talent pool.

    Evan Bourne: Before Air Boom, Bourne got no screen time. He would get one tag team win by pinning Sheamus. Other than that, he basically jobbed to the big stars and got a spotlight once a year at most. Now, he is a WWE Tag Team Champion and gets at least a match every week usually getting to pull off the beautiful SSP.

    Zack Ryder: Before he was the Internet Champion and was chanted for at every event, he got almost no screen time at all. He would be made a joke of by getting a WWE Championship match only to lose in 5 seconds to Sheamus (a connection?). Now, he is the Smackdown Assistant to the GM and a star who has notched wins against the current US Champion and former tag champions.

8. Tyler Reks

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    Look at him.

    He is big, menacing and has a unique look.

    He has the build to be a star and has shown in his recent matches on WWE Superstars that he can actually wrestle.

    The biggest moment he had in his career lasted about three weeks where he would make it onto the Smackdown's Bragging Rights team right after debuting on Smackdown (though he also had a sad run on ECW).

    Since that time, Reks has gone AWOL, only showing up on WWE Superstars, which is now officially canceled in the US, so now how does he get over?

7. Primo

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    The less talented Colon brother, Primo would debut over 4 years after his brother Carlito arrived on the scene.

    Other than being a good tag team competitor, Primo never really found a way to catch the crowd's attention.

    When Carlito was released from the company due to drug problems, Primo was left alone and in the dark.

    He has hardly been seen since.

    Primo is a good cruiserweight competitor and also has better mic skills than people give him credit for.

    Sure, they are not at Carlito's level, but Primo has the skills to be at least decent cruiserweight and jobber to the stars (JTS).

    Instead, he doesn't even get to compete at all most of the time.

6. Trent Barreta

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    Probably the WWE's No. 1 choice for a JTS, Trent Barreta's talent is forever wasted.

    He had a short-lived run as a Dude Buster, and then he was stuck where he is today.

    Barreta may be one of the best high fliers in the WWE today, and yet you would hard pressed to realize that fact off-hand.

    There is a reason he is used for big spots with the stars.

    He can fly better than almost anyone and has really become the No. 1 underdog in WWE, though this underdog never wins.

5. Yoshi Tatsu

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    Yoshi Tatsu is probably the most successful low card wrestler ever. He probably has a better career win-loss ratio than every heel on Raw or Smackdown.

    He barely loses and actually has a knack for winning dark matches.

    He even holds a win in a 26-man battle royal at Wrestlemania XXVI.

    The problem is that Yoshi does not really exist on WWE programming.

    After the fall of ECW, many saw him as a possible star coming out of the brand.

    Instead he probably had about one match that year.

    With his exciting ring skill and good mic skill (if you look into his work in Japan), Yoshi Tatsu could have been a staple cruiserweight and mid-card competitor.

    He even got a new gimmick recently, but, unless you watch NXT, you probably only knew he wore face paint now if you saw him before the Smackdown main event lumberjack match this past week.

4. Brodus Clay

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    He is huge. He has intensity. He might be the best mic worker on this list.

    Why he is not featured on WWE programming right now is shocking.

    The bright spot is that he may just be being built up until the right story comes along.

    Since losing NXT Season 4 to Johnny Curtis (not even worthy of this list), Clay has shown himself to be the best star from that season.

    After his affiliation with Alberto Del Rio ended though, he has disappeared.

    Look for him to rise up soon, or he will be forgotten and released, which would be a real shame.

3. Curt Hawkins

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    Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins would debut together as the Major Brothers. Soon, they would become Edgeheads. Finally, they both split up and went their separate ways.

    This was the intersection for both men. They would wallow in the low card for a while. Hawkins even took up a new tag partner to try to get noticed, but nothing worked.

    When Zack finally struck gold, Hawkins was left behind.

    Now, even though Curt Hawkins has yet to find a way onto TV for a sustainable time, it does not mean that Hawkins is not talented.

    Over his time in the WWE, he has become a great in-ring competitor and built up a well of charisma.

    While Ryder is great, Hawkins may be better, especially since he is more serious and adaptable to the WWE today.

    All he needs is a chance.

2. Tyson Kidd

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    As a part of the Hart Dynasty, Kidd had gold and the spotlight. Now, he has nothing.

    Tyson Kidd is just an opportunity away from becoming a mid-card star.

    We continue to see him job to Sin Cara and Daniel Bryan, but he has not been given a chance to win.

    With his amazing technical ability and serviceable mic skills, Kidd could break out if anyone gave him a chance.

    He is a dear friend of the Hart family and a student of the Hart style. That's reason enough for a chance.

1. Drew McIntyre

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    Looking at Drew McIntyre, we all have to ask: what happened?

    He is the only man on this list with singles gold to his name.

    He was the Chosen One.

    He wrestled for the World Heavyweight Title at WWE Elimination Chamber.

    Now, as you can picture from the photo above, he is calling for just one match.

    One chance to shine, yet the best thing that has happened to him this year was getting superkicked by Shawn Michaels.


    This man has charisma and talent. He would be an easy fit in the mid-card, if not the main event.

    Just give him a couple of matches!

Thanks for Reading!

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    For making it all the way through, I present you with a video of one of the greatest low-card stars of all time, The Brooklyn Brawler.

    Who really knows if he had much talent when all the Brawler did was job, just like many of the stars on this list.

    Seriously, each of these men could easily take the place of stars (I use that term loosely) like The Great Khali, Hornswoggle and David Otunga.

    Just give them one shot!

    Please leave a comment if you feel I missed someone or you don't agree with my rankings.