Why Jeff Hardy Is One of the Best Main-Events Right Now And Deserves the Belt

Raymond TursherCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

Now, take into thought that this is my first article.

For weeks and months now, Jeff Hardy has been having gleaming moments of success, and then failures. The feud with Randy Orton a while back was very good, not by promo standards, Jeff Hasn't really gotten great at promos, but the action was great, his swanton off the titan-tron gave me chills. Although after the program, he got suspended for drugs.

Jeff has been a great performer for a good amount of time, but this is mostly when he is properly utilized. His past dramas with drugs should be forgotten, he loves the fans, he apologized for what he did, and then he took the smack in the face of MVP's use of his past well.

I expected that it'd almost make him feel like saying, "F@!$ the WWE." But then he went and did well in that program. Now, Jeff is in-between Mid-Card and Main Event status, more of the latter. The WWE heads are afraid of needing to lose a seat-seller like Jeff to drugs, so that's why they don't put the belt around him.

They need to realize that he loves this business, and doesn't want to risk his job. The airline incident was a set back for sure, I bet he may have won if it wasn't for it.

With this new Edge-Jeff angle that is bound to happen with the survivor series drama, they should let it build over the next few months, and let Jeff win and get the belt.

People should not know Jeff as the guy who always got close but never there.