Getting to Know Cristiano Ronaldo's New Boots

connor daykinContributor INovember 27, 2008

Everyone knows this boot doesn't hang about for long.

Already lethal on the feet of the World’s elite players, Nike now release the ultra-limited Mercurial Vapor IV Berry Pink—meaning the Vapor just got a whole lot racier.

Designed with one thing in mind—pure speed—the Mercurial Vapor IV has become one of the iconic boots of the modern game, thanks to a series of performances that have helped win countless trophies and accolades.

This highly limited release Mercurial Vapor IV Pink Berry/White colour way marks the eighth incarnation of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV football boots—and has already drawn the attention of elite players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Robinho, and Nicklas Bendtnert as well as young superstars in the making—John Bostock, Jack Wilshire, and Theo Walcott to name a few.

One thing is for certain with the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Pink Berry: You Better Be Quick. This is a serious boot for seriously fast players. Strong, light and packed with innovation, the Mercurial Vapor IV Pink Berry is a revolutionary football boot which will strike fear into opponents and leave any rivals in its wake.

Now you too can enjoy all the speed, acceleration and performance benefits of the Nike Mercurial Vapor IV Berry Pink Football Boots—in a distinctive colourway which can only be tamed by your ability!

Vapor IV Berry Pink Vital Statistics
Insole Material: EVA foam
Lacing: Vapor Speed Lace Cover
Outsole Material: PU
Upper Material:Teijin microfiber synthetic upper
Stud Material: Fixed injected PU
Stud Shape: Bladed
Suitable For: Firm Natural Surfaces
Weight: 275g each