Utah Jazz: 7 Glaring Weaknesses the Team Must Improve on to Compete in West

Ryan Hatch@@hatchryanContributor IIISeptember 27, 2011

Utah Jazz: 7 Glaring Weaknesses the Team Must Improve on to Compete in West

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    The Utah Jazz has been a team that has undergone many changes in recent months. New coach, new players and a different outlook. While these changes were necessary and inevitable, it did expose many weaknesses that the team needs to address.

    Every team in the NBA has weaknesses and it is important to recognize what they are and how to improve in those areas. The Jazz know what their weaknesses are and they will begin improving upon them when the season begins.

    If the Jazz wants to compete in the Western Conference, here are some of the glaring weaknesses that they must look at and turn into strengths.

7. New Coach

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    It is always difficult for a team to have a new coach at the helm. Especially a coach that has never been a head coach in the NBA before. This can be a weakness for almost any team.

    Tyrone Corbin was probably the right choice for the Utah Jazz in the long run. He knows the players. He knows the areas. He was an assistant coach to one of the best coaches in the league, under Jerry Sloan. However, his lack of experience could be a weakness to the team.

    The Utah Jazz are a very young team and an inexperienced coach could put them in a tough position. This is a weakness that the Jazz are going to have to overcome if they want to be able to compete in the West.

6. Lack of Depth at Wing Positions

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    The Jazz are a stacked team if you only look at the front court. The problem is that if you look at the entire team you see a huge lack of depth in the small forward and shooting guard positions.

    This is going to be one of the biggest weaknesses that Utah needs to overcome.

    One way of getting past this is by trading one or two big guys for a good wing player. This is a possibility that could happen and would help improve the team. Landing a good free agent at a wing position would be a way to help the problem as well.

    If you look at any team that has had success over the past few seasons, they are all well balanced. The Jazz are top heavy underneath and lacking in at the wing positions. This is a major weakness that the Jazz have to deal with.

5. Very Young Players

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    The Jazz have a ton of young talent that could develop into something special. Derrick Favors, Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter and Alec Burks are guys that were drafted high and are full of potential. They could be a force to reckon with in the future.

    Right now the youth on the team is one of the weaknesses.

    The Jazz only have a couple of veterans to even out the roster. The roster is mainly made up of unproven, young talent. This could be a huge obstacle for Utah until they develop and learn how to play together.

    This a weakness for right now, but could very soon develop into a strength for the Jazz. If they can capitalize on the young talent they have, this weakness will become a strength.

4. Lack of Depth at Point Guard

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    Devin Harris is not a bad point guard. He has made the All-Star team and has had a few very good years. His other seasons in the NBA haven't been bad, but he has slipped a little bit.

    I don't think that Devin Harris is a weakness, but there is nobody to back him up. The Jazz don't have another point guard currently on their roster. Even if they re-sign Earl Watson and Ronnie Price, the back up point guard position will be a weakness.

    It is tough to have two good point guards on the same roster, but it is a possibility with the talented point guards that are in the league today.

    The Jazz need to find a more viable option to back up Devin Harris.

3. No Go-to Scorer

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    The Jazz have lost Deron Williams and Carlos Boozer over the last year. Both of those guys are legitimate threats on the offensive end. They could score when the team needed them to and they were there in the fourth quarter in close games.

    Who fulfills that role now? Al Jefferson? I don't think that Jefferson is the go-to guy that the Jazz need. He has never made an All-Star team and he doesn't want the ball in the fourth quarter with the game on the line. Utah needs someone who thrives on that pressure and can perform when it is necessary.

    It is possible that Jefferson could step it up and be that guy next season. Maybe one of the young guys will become that person. Until this happens, lack of a go-to guy will continue to be a weakness for the Jazz.

2. Too Many Road Losses

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    In recent years the Jazz were able to make the playoffs due to their exceptional home record. They have been a poor road team for many years, but their great home record has counteracted the poor road record and propelled them into the playoffs.

    This past year the Jazz struggled at home more than any other year in recent memory. They also continued their road woes. Because their home record was mediocre, they couldn't make up for their bad road record and make the playoffs.

    If the Utah Jazz wants to contend in the west, then they must improve on the road. They have to capitalize on opportunities of winning close games on the road. This will improve their record and make them a contender in the West.

    If you look at good teams in the west such as, San Antonio, Los Angeles Lakers or Oklahoma City, they win on the road. The Jazz needs to drastically improve on this glaring weakness if they want to contend.

1. Poor Defense

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    The Jazz were at the bottom of the league in defense last year. Even with a pretty good offense, a team with poor defense will not win enough games to contend.

    The Jazz must play much better defense if they want to have a chance.

    Too many times did fans see the opposing team get open looks or un-contended shots at the basket. That can't happen anymore. The big guys such as Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap need to focus on the defensive end as much as they do on the offensive end.

    Even defensive standouts Raja Bell and Andrei Kirilenko had less than stellar performances defensively last season. This is perhaps the most glaring of all weaknesses the Jazz have.

    The guys they have need to step it up on the defensive side of the ball and the players they acquire when the lockout ends must be defensive minded.