A Spread-Option NFL Team in '09? Tim Tebow To Run It? What's Your Vote?

Joe BuckeyeCorrespondent INovember 27, 2008

Never say never... All the football geniuses said the Spread would NEVER work in the SEC. Now the same geniuses are saying it will NEVER work in the NFL.

My prediction: Some maverick owner will say, "screw the geniuses", throw the dice, and build a highly successful Spread-Option NFL franchise. Tebow will be the QB of choice. Alex Smith's stock will rise fast. Spread guru Mike Sanford will be getting a lot of phone calls... so will Urban Meyer, but he seems to be happy in Gainesville.

How many consecutive Spread-Option BCS championship teams will it take before some NFL owner gives the Spread a shot? This year will likely make four Spread-Option champs in a row. Some teams are already running limited Spread-Option packages, but when will a full blown Spread-Option offense emerge?

If Florida runs the table, I think it will happen immediately.