UFC: Tim Boetsch's Move to 185 Pounds Is a Fresh Start to Career

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UFC: Tim Boetsch's Move to 185 Pounds Is a Fresh Start to Career
Tim Boetsch (Right) facing off against Nick Ring (Left)

After his second win as a middleweight at UFC 135 on Saturday, Tim Boetsch told reporter Ariel Helwani, “I have certainly not tapped my full potential here. I’m still learning.”

While Boetsch said his first cut down to the new weight was easy, this one was harder for him.

“The lungs are definitely hurting,” Boetsch told Helwani, when asked about being a bit gassed in the third round of his fight.

Boetsch still looked pretty good, despite his difficult cut. When combined with the fact that his fight was in Colorado's higher elevation, Boetsch actually looked better-conditioned than a lot of fighters on Saturday’s card.

Boetsch showed everyone what a strong middleweight he is, when he performed a huge hip toss on opponent Nick Ring.

Boetsch took Ring completely off the ground, and managed to land on top of him in side control.

Once in side control, Boetsch managed to get Ring into a crucifix, but the round ended before Boetsch could do much with his advantageous position.

“I just want to continue getting better as a fighter,” Boetsch told Helwani, when asked what he wanted to do next at middle weight.

Boetsch also claimed he is “looking to put a run together” at his new weight class.

After his performance against Ring, Boetsch might be featured on the main card for his next fight.

While Boetsch hasn’t faced any stiff competition at the new weight class, he is a new talent that fight fans should pay attention to at welterweight.

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