Will the Detroit Lions Win the Thanksgiving Classic Vs. The Titans?

Paul W. ReevesContributor INovember 27, 2008

     As an ardent and fervent fan and supporter of the Detroit Lions (I haven't missed a game in-person, on the radio, or on TV in over 40 years!) I am often the only person in the room who believes that the Lions will win every single game. Of course, I've often been the only person who was later proven to be incredibly incorrect!! But, my hope and support for my beloved Lions continues to be strong! After all, there is always tomorrow!!

     But, how about today? Can the Lions win against the Titans in the annual Detroit Thanksgiving Classic? Normally, my answer would be a resounding "YES". Unfortunately, even I have to admit that the short and long answer to today's question is a resounding "NO"!!

     The Lions, who are, and will continue to be, suffering from the terrible blunders of Matt Millen and the Ford family, are years away from being contenders. Our best hope for the immediate future is the realization that they might sneak up on a few teams from time-to-time. However, the “sneaking” approach will not come to fruition on Thanksgiving!

     The Lions only have a handful of solid NFL-caliber horses, including Calvin Johnson, Daunte Culpepper, Jordon Dizon, Mike Furrey, Jason Hanson, Nick Harris, Dominic Raiola, Ernie Sims, Kevin Smith, Jon Kitna, Jared DeVries, and ….. well, that’s about it!! However, many of these horses are injured and will not play, while others are listed as “Probable”.

     The Titans have a few injured players, including Kyle Vanden Bosch, Nick Harper, Chris Carr, Michael Roos, Brandon Jones, and Jason Jones, but many of these guys will play anyway. Irrespective of the injuries, the Titans have a stable of suitable replacements with a system that is often able to override deficiencies in personnel.

     The Titans are 10-1 (and probably still ticked off about last week’s loss to the Jets!) and on their way to the playoffs and, perhaps, the Super Bowl. The Lions are an astounding 0-11 with a coaching staff that will not be here next year, many players who will not be here next year, only a few horses in the stable, but on their way to a Bowl, as well. However, the Bowl to which they are headed can be found in bathrooms all over the country!

     No, although I’m a huge Lions’ fan, although the Lions have often performed well in nationally televised games, and although I always believe that the Lions will pull one out, even I have to admit that there is no way for the Lions to win the Thanksgiving Classic, other than instructing airport personnel to divert the Titans’ airplane to Beijing!

     But, I’ll watch the whole game while wearing my Lions’ jersey and hat while sipping on a few Cokes,  ……. right up until the bitter end – and, yes, it will be quite bitter! GO LIONS!!