Washington Husky Hoops: Filling Out the Bench

Kevin CacabelosSenior Analyst INovember 26, 2008

After taking a look at the starters, we'll now take a look at the several players that could make an impact coming off the bench for the Huskies.

Main Players in the Rotation

Darnell Gant (Forward, FR)

Gant redshirted last year and has all of a sudden become a valuable contributor as the starting forward for the Huskies. Bryan-Amaning used to have the second forward starting spot on the team until Gant's rebounding prowess was given more value than Amaning's offense.

From the first five games, it's evident that Gant can work well with Brockman on both ends of the court. Gant is by no means a beast at scoring points, but at the same time he hasn't been forcing anything and has been playing within his limits.

Venoy Overton (Guard, SO)

I love Overton—he has great speed and creates havoc for offensive players down at the defensive end. He's got a year under his belt and is ready to break out into a solid player for the Huskies.

He kind of reminds me of Will Conroy, as his offense is not amazing, but he's able to distribute the ball and keep the offensive flow moving. Overton can be really erratic at times turning the ball over, so this issue needs to be addressed.

Justin Holiday (Forward, SO)

By far the best defender on the team. It'd be smart for Romar to use Holiday as a Bobby Jones type of player, someone to put in and guard any opposing player that is lighting up the Huskies. He is still inconsistent offensively, but his defensive prowess is just too valuable for the former to play a role.

Elston Turner (Guard, FR)

Do you remember Phil Nelson from two years ago? He was in the same class as Spencer Hawes and Quincy Pondexter. He provided a threat behind the arc but transferred to Portland State in search of more playing time.

Elston Turner reminds me of Nelson, except this time Turner will be asked to shoot it way more than Nelson was asked. There is no Ryan Appleby this year, which means someone will have to be able to shoot the long ball or the Huskies are going to get zoned to death.

Reduced Roles

Joe Wolfinger (Forward, JR)

Wolfinger has made his name on this team for his excellent three-point shooting. However, he's received a good amount of criticism for his terrible post-play performance in rebounding and scoring.

From the games so far this season, his post game looks a lot more polished. However, he has looked out of sync in the offense, causing Romar to reduce his playing time (only eight minutes in the Kansas game).

Scott Suggs (Forward, FR)

I haven't seen enough of Suggs in-game, but from what I've heard, he can play a little point guard and has a nice midrange jumper. Brockman has said he's like a mix between Justin Holiday and Bobby Jones, which would mean he's probably really good at defense. That's a positive thing.

Artem Wallace (Forward, SR)

It seems as Romar has permanently cut the playing time of Artem Wallace, favoring the quartet of Brockman, Amaning, Gant, and Wolfinger. In my opinion, he's an offensive weapon (remember WSU last year?) and could break out. However, it looks like his injury is keeping him from playing to his full potential.

Devin Aguilar (Guard, FR)

Sound familiar? He also plays for a terrible team, the Washington Huskies Football team. Aguilar decided he wanted to walk-on and play basketball for Romar during the football season. He's super-quick and very physical for a guard his size (6'0"). He probably won't play much of a factor in the bigger picture, but he's a good player to have on the bench.

Tyreese Breshers (Forward, FR)

Breshers has been injured the whole season—will he be given the redshirt? Probably. We'll see... If he does get to play, expect to see a very athletic player that can be a force down low, kind of like former Husky Jamaal Williams.

Who do you think is the most valuable player off the bench for the Huskies?

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