MG'S Raider: My Feeling and Ideas In Order!

MGContributor INovember 26, 2008

Just need to get it off my chest! I'm not a great writer, but I'm celebrating 20 years of Raider Nation!  Here I go......

#1 - We need to hire a veteran head coach to lead this young team now.  I was thinking Dennis Green.  "They are who we thought they were!"  Yes! He will work and we need him!  He knows Mr. Al Davis very well and he will do wonders for JR and DMC!!

#2 - The Big 3!  We have our QB. We have our RB. Now we need our WR!  What do think of Chad Johnson and Mr. Bolden in the off season!   Plus the 1st rd pick!

#3 - I think its about time for a new stadium.  What do you think people.  Does anyone have any info on that?  I think we should build it in LA too.  I hope I don't piss to many people off by saying that but I do.  Players want to be close to HOLLYWOOD! Great free agent selling point!  Build your dream coliseum Al!  Its TIME!

#4 - Michael Vick - He must be sorry.  He must be cheap.  He must not play QB only in wildcat with DMC.  Other than that he's a wr now!! Do work son.

#5 - SEC - Keep taking players from the dirty south!  Its the best in college right now!

Ahhhhh!!!  Now that feels better to get off the chest.  Now lets go take care of the cheifs and chargers!!! Lets go Boys!!!!!!


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