Why Tim Tebow and Florida Will Beat Alabama

Keeven KuateContributor INovember 26, 2008

Keeven Kuate aka DJ KEY

I'm about to make more enemies, and this time it's going to be the entire state of Alabama, minus all those die hard Auburn fans (a 'Bama upset would be perfect).

Are you ready for my statement?

Nick Saban's Alabama team may be the best in the BCS, AP poll, my grandma's poll, and just about every poll that is around.  Yet, I do not believe that they will even win the SEC, and it will not even be close.

The game is scheduled December 6th, and every person who lives Alabama is worried that their team, that they have been rooting for all season long, will be another victim of the Florida Gators high-powered offense and hard hitting defense.

Ever since Tim Tebow could not convert on that fourth and short against Ole Miss, which led to their first loss of the season where Ole Miss won by one, 31-30, Florida has averaged almost 53 points a game, blasting three ranked opponents in Georgia, LSU and South Carolina by a combined score of 156 to 37.

That is what you call domination. 

Let's compare how Alabama has done against common opponents with Florida ever since that costly Florida loss...

17-14 win against Kentucky (Florida beat Kentucky by 58 points)

24-20 win against Mississippi (Well, ok 'Bama fans you got me there!)

27-21 overtime win against an overrated LSU (Florida blasted them by 30 points)

Not convinced yet?

Let's look at key positions and see where Alabama trails Florida...



Tim Tebow is right in the middle of the Heisman Race with his 22 touchdowns and two interceptions, while rushing for another 11 touchdowns. And oh yeah, he's already won a national championship and Heisman Trophy.

John Parker Wilson has thrown just eight touchdowns (Florida WR Percy Harvin has caught seven from last year's Heisman winner, to put in perspective), to go along with five picks.

I did not even need to write that for you to agree with me about that. 


Running Back

I got to say that Junior Glen Coffee will be key for Alabama to upset (Vegas will make Alabama the underdogs in this game) Florida. He's been really the anchor to their offense. He'll need to top 100 yards against Florida for them to have a shot to remain close.

On the other hand, Florida can stick basically anyone at running back and get great results, having ten players who have had five attempts or more this year. Urban Meyer's squad has had already 2,528 rushing yards and 37 rushing touchdowns, through 11 games. Harvin's injury though means more pressure on Chris Rainey, and Jeffery Demps (Fastest high school recruit in college football history over 100 meters, 10.01, not bad.)

That is simply amazing. 


Wide Receivers

The injury to Percy Harvin during the Florida State game will mean that one of the most explosive players in college football may be out for this game. More pressure on Tim Tebow to make plays to Louis Murphy. Also, we will see the Tight End Aaron Hernandez will be getting more involved and many passes out of the backfield. Coach Urban Meyer will need to get creative in the play-calling and the formations. This game will be all about speed and yards after the catch.

It will be a high scoring affair, and I'm going with the over for whatever the total points is for Vegas. 


Sure, people will think I'm an idiot for comparing teams this way, but this may be the only way to display how good Florida really is. Too bad we cannot see a game between the 2006 National Championship team against this 2008 Florida team. 

I feel bad for Steve Spurrier, a man who left Florida as their greatest coach, and he was quickly replaced by Urban Meyer. He's offensive ways have defensive coordinators always confused on what play Florida will run next. They have the deepest team in college football, and maybe, also, the fastest.

It's too bad the SEC was way overrated for Florida to even get really tested. That Ole Miss loss was a total fluke, and Florida, when they do beat Alabama on December 6th, will deserve a shot for the title against the Big 12 champion. 

I don't even want to talk about what happens if Missouri upsets the Big 12 South representative in that Big 12 title game. That would create one of the biggest messes in BCS history. It feels like we say this every year...

President-elect Barack Obama even knows that the BCS is a joke and all about the money and not the sport of college football. This is the perfect year for a playoff (just like last year was, and the year before...catch my drift). 

Mark my words, Florida will prevail, and if they do not get screwed for the title game, they will win that game too. 

Prediction: Florida over Oklahoma/Texas/Texas Tech (whoever the BCS decides to pick, stupid Big 12 tiebreaker)