TIm Tebow: A Fit in the NFL?

Billy DeCostaCorrespondent INovember 26, 2008

Since the start of his freshman year, Tim Tebow has been a star in college football.

He was a major part of Florida's success that season. He threw 30 TD's and ran for 23 more in 2007. He was the only sophomore to win the Heisman in the award's history.

But, where could Tim Tebow fit it the NFL?

It's well known that not all Heisman winners go on to stellar NFL careers. Just look at Eric Crouch and Chris Weinkie. There's a lot of talk and a lot of debate about where Tebow's spot could be in the pro ranks. He has the opportunity to leave Florida at the end of the season; naturally, the talk is heating up.

Some experts say he's an early first round draft choice. His success in college is too hard to ignore. Others say teams have learned that Tebow's background doesn't set him up for a career as a franchise QB. They project him somewhere in the middle rounds were he to declare at the end of this season.

Tebow has taken a lot of blows in his college career. That makes teams question his durability. He's a product of Urban Myers' spread offense, an offensive not conducive to most NFL offenses.

Alex Smith was a product of the same system. He put up gaudy numbers at Utah under Myer. He was taken first overall by San Francisco.

It's fair to say he didn't quite pan out. Over his four year career, he's completed 55% of his passes, and thrown 31 interceptions to only 19 touchdowns.

However, I think Tebow's more talented than Smith ever was.

Tebow could still succeed at the pro level. Some teams are picking up a spread offense around the league. The Patriots, Saints, and Cardinals are going with four and five receivers on almost every down.

He couldn't step right in and star, but Tebow could develop into a good QB in a pro spread system. It's a lot like Urban Myer's, except less running. Tebow's athleticism will still allow him to make plays on the run when he has to; that dual-threat capability will help spread the defense even more.

His mechanics need work. He needs to work on his accuracy. But, with the right development, Tim Tebow could become a special player in the NFL.