Upset of the Week: Kent State (3-8) over Buffalo (7-4)

Daniel SpratlinContributor INovember 26, 2008

Buffalo is playing in the MAC title game next week and has been a great story this year under Turner Gill.

They had 12 wins total since moving up to FBS in 1999 and have seven this year. They had a miracle comeback last week to get past Bowling Green (trailed 27-7 in 4Q) and won in two OTs. The week before, they won in four OTs.

They now have a huge game next Friday for the MAC championship vs. undefeated Ball State.

Kent State has had a disappointing year at 3-8, but outgained and outplayed four of their opponents in games they lost, and could have a much better record.

QB Julian Edelman and RB Eugene Jarvis are both healthy, and Kent finally plays up to their potential and pulls the upset.