Tom Brady: Why Superstar QB Will Bounce Back from Epic Fail Against Bills

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IISeptember 25, 2011

ORCHARD PARK, NY - SEPTEMBER 25: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots cannot complete a pass under pressure in NFL game action against the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium on September 25, 2011 in Orchard Park, New York. (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

Tom Brady is one of the best pure pocket passers in the NFL today. He is the type of player that gives the Patriots a chance to win in every game that he plays.

Where was the characteristic strong play from Brady in Week 3 against the Buffalo Bills? It was nowhere to be found.

If the stat line read 387 yards and four touchdowns people would be praising his performance but once the four interceptions are thrown into the stat line people are left scratching their head wondering what went wrong.

The Patriots were in the game even after three interceptions. Brady played very well but the fourth interception brought the Bills into striking distance so that a final field goal was able to put the Patriots away.

The Patriots do not have to worry though because the four interceptions are an anomaly in the Brady era for the Patriots.

Brady has only thrown four interceptions six times in his career. Six times in a career where he has played in 148 games mean pretty good odds it will not happen again soon.

Another thing to look at is that even on an off-day if the Patriots defense came up big in the last two minutes they would have kept the Bills at bay.

Brady will absolutely bounce back in Week 4. This means that the Oakland Raiders will have to play a great game.

Tom Brady has not let many losing streaks start in his time and the loss to the Bills will just be a game in the rear view come next week.

Remember the Bills came back to beat the Raiders in Week 2 and the Patriots will be bouncing back against the Raiders come Week 4. There is more of an argument to feel bad for the Raiders than for the Patriots going into next Sunday.